Xyla (xyla82) wrote in bestfanficever,

Episode 59

Namariarwen could not believe her eyes, she had not even sensed the approach of the strange girl...
and strange she was! Her clothing, her demeanour, her way of speaking all seemed foreign and new fangled to Namariarwen. She was in two minds over the girl at once... the girls face seemed open and good-natured, yet something told Namariarwen that there was much undiscovered mystery and untold secrets about this girl...

Boromir was already on guard, interrogating the girl.
"Who do you think you are? You think you can just sneak up on us and demand to join our quest? Explain yourself!!"

"I can't" said Opaline calmly.. "There are so many things I can't explain about what's happened to me lately, I've basically just stopped trying to explain it... I'm just going with my heart... and my heart has told me I should join your quest... it - and the fiery magical stone"

"The WHAT?" Aragorn raised and eyebrow...

"Never mind" smiled Opaline to herself

"There is something ill afoot" Namariarwen whispered urgently to Renyarwen... 'I cannot read this girl, and here she has been sent to us, how convenient... with no explanation, and just after I've been attacked by another memory of Heitann'

Renyarwen eyed Opaline suspiciously
"yes sister, I also sense something odd about the girl... her mind is also blocked to me... but it would appear that it is not even by choice of hers... strange things are afoot... but we must presume her innocent until proven otherwise"

"That's a fine attitude to have if you wished to be killed in the night" muttered Delphaen under her breath... her dark eyes eyeing Opaline darkly from underneath her dark hair...

Gandalf alone welcomed Opaline, he alone seemed to sense that her purpose was not malevolent, and perhaps understood that her place within the fellowship had been predestined by powers that were greater than all of them combined to the power of infinity.

The cloud shifted and once again the moon shone down on them brightly, Opaline's vibrant red hair glittering in the starlight.

Mery gasped, his eyes as wide as dinner plates from an expensive restaurant. "Well there's an eye-opener, and no mistake" he blurted out, clearly besotten with the strange girl.

The moonlight also reilluminated the dwarven doors.
Opaline could not believe her eyes as the shinning characters suddenly appeared out of the dark chiseled rockface.

"Now there's an eye-opener and no mistake!" she gasped
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