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Episode 56

Renyarwen, feeling eyes upon her looked to where the men sat huddled in secret council, Aragorn had been staring at Namariarwen, but looked away when he saw that Renyarwen had noticed, she stole a look at Legolas who was watching Jeowyn. Sighing sadly she rose from the group and moved away into the darkness.

"Is it Legolas that troubles you so?" Namariarwen asked as she approached her sister of spirit.

"Indeed it is." Renyarwen said sadly. Namariarwen placed a comforting hand on her shoulder.

I know not how true love can go so wrong." Renyarwen gave her a wry smile.

"There were others that played apart in this sad fate." Renyarwen said unable to stop heself from shedding a single tear.
Namariarwen looked intrigued, she had never heard the full tale of the romance between Legolas and Renyarwen, indeed there were very few that knew it had existed. Even fewer knew that it had gone beyond the night of Elrond's party.

"Speak your mind to me, sister of spirit." Namariarwen said softly. Renyarwen turned to her and began to recount the events of her past.

"The very day we met, we pledged our love to each other, that we would be together for all the ages of this world. After the celebrations for father's party we went to tell he and King Thranduil of our decision." Sadness filled Renyarwen's face. "Father was joyus that we had found happiness with each other, yet King Thranduil was livid, my past being what it was, he wanted his son to have nothing to do with me. He said that it was not for an elf to marry a creature of unknown origins. Father protested but King THranduil would not be swayed, he refused to stay any longer, he dragged Legolas from the room and he and his kin returned to Mirkwood. King Thranduil would allowno further correspondence with Imladris for quite some time."

"Oh Renyarwen!" cried Namriarwen, her heart filling with saddness. "Whatever happened?"

"I would not leave my room, it was as though my grief would over come me, would kill me. Then one night Elladan, Elrohir and Haldir came to me with a plan, they said that it would be impossible for us to see each other, but that they would be able to convey letters between us. Haldir would be able to ride into Mirkwood under the guise of wanting to see his good friend and pass the letters between us."

"A cunning device." commented Namariarwen.

"And so it was, that night I poured my heart and soul out to him and Haldir rode with the letter to Mirkwood, after a time he returned with Legolas' answer. Never will I ever be able to thank him enough for the service that he provided for me in those dark days. As the years passed King Thranduil once again let the elves from Rivendell visit his kingdom, though I was never welcome. More years past and he began to let Legolas leave the kingdom unguarded, it was then that once again Elladan, Elrohir and Haldir came to me with a plan. They said that King Thranduil would let the four of them outside the kingdom walls so that they could hunt and protect the borders. I would travel to Mirkwood in secret and they would bring Legolas to me and leave so that we could be alone. In that time our love blossomed and we were again happy. Many many years past and our love was kept a secret." Renyarwen stopped as her emotions threatened to over come her.

"What happened?" Namariarwen pressed.

"Lord Glorfindel became enamoured of me and Arwen suspecting that there was still a union between Legolas and I proclaimed her love for Legolas." Namariarwen's hand lept to her heart. She had never realised the full extent of Arwen's hatred for her sister of spirit. She had always known that ARwen had been jealous of them, but not to that extent.

"Did she love him?"

"I do not know, she would not come near me and was careful not to do so, thus I would be unable to read her mind. Father came to me with the wonderful news that I was to be married to Lord Glorfindel. In a moment of weakness I told him that I could never love Glorfindel. He asked that I forget my love for Legolas, else I would never be happy, King THranduil would never allow us to marry. I gave him no answer that day instead I went to seek Legolas, but he was not to be found, Thranduil sent him away. ARwen said that she had changed her mind. She was no longer in love with him. Eighty years have passed since I saw him last, long ago he stopped replying to my letters. I now understand why. He stopped loving me." Namariarwen embraced Renyarwen in a sisterly hug.

"We shall put this right." Namariarwen said confidently. "Though I wonder at what may have happen so that he would now feel this way."

***********IN THE PAST*******************************

Legolas wondered the halls of the castle idly, he was wishing that the day would pass fater, for that night Renyarwen would be arriving. He ached to see her again, he long for her touch, the warmth of her lips against his. That day he had decided that he would not return to Mirkwood, he would go with Renyarwen to where ever they would be happy together, he could stand the separation no longer. No longer would he let his father interfer, he loved Renyarwen and they would be together forever!

"Legolas." He turned at the sound of the familiar voice.

"Arwen, I had not expected to see you here, what brings you to Mirkwood?" He asked. A coy smile spread across her lips.

"I have come to take you to your lady love. Haldir could not come this time, so I have taken his place." Legolas looked at her uncertainly.

"Where is Elladan and Elrohir?"

"They are waiting outside the gates, will you not come, she is frantic to see you."

"Of course a will go to her." Arwen led the way and Legolas followed eagerly. They made their way past the gates but Legolas could not see Elladan or Elrohir.

"Arwen I thought that..."

"They're just past that knot of trees." Arwen interupted impatiently. THey past the trees and Legolas still seeing no one looked to her questioningly. Quickly she pulled a sack full of powder from her robes, she threw it to the ground and it exploded into hissing smoke, Legolas' mind went blank, he could not move. "You will forget Renyarwen, you will forget that you ever loved her. Return to the castle." Legolas walked away dazed, his eyes were glazed over.

"He will remember nothing?" A second voice asked coming out of the darkness.

"Nothing of her My Lord Glorfindel." Arwen said evilly.

"And if she tries to make contact with him?"

"I will take care of my brothers and the Lorien elf." She said darkly. "Her letters will never reach him, they will never say a word about her to him. Though they will think otherwise."

"Excellent." said Glorfindel with a twisted look of satisfaction.


Renyarwen moved suddenly she had now sensed what she had been waiting for.
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