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The BEST. FANFIC. EVER [entries|friends|calendar]

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[18 Oct 2006|12:43am]

[ mood | curious ]

Are we going to finish this story, girls? Seems a shame not to.

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Episode 71 [08 Oct 2005|07:30pm]

Episode by Renyara

Renyarwen's eyes fluttered open, vaguely she was aware of the sunlight and the trees about her, foremost in her mind was that she was in Legolas's strong, handsome arms. She snapped her eyes shut again, momentarily forgetting the dangerous quest that she was on. Yet soon she felt a familar prescene about her, one she had not felt in years. . .

"What ails the mighty, yet fair maiden of Rivendell?" Galadriel's voice floated through Renyarwen's mind.

"Nothing that I have not yet recovered from." REnyarwen answered. Her eyes opened again and reluctantly Legolas put her down, thoough they still walked close together, closer thn they had for the entire quest. Soon she could hear Gimli's rough, loud voice attempting to whisper to the hobbits.

"Stick close young hobbits, they say that a powerful sorceress lives in this forrest, an elf witch with terrible power, they say all who look upon her fall under her spell and are never seen again." Renyarwen, Namariarwen, Legolas and Aragorn looked disaprovingly at the dwarf but said nothing. Frodo stumbled and Renyarwen perceived that the Lady of the Wood was speaking to him. "Well they won't catch me, I have the eyes of a hawk and the ears of a fox." Just as he had said his last word the point of an arrown appeared a milimeter from his fat nose. The group was encircled by armed bowelves.

"The dwarf breaths so loud we could have shot him in the dark." A blonde elf, who had undoubtedly heard Gimli's harsh words said haughtily. Gimli growled in response. Renyarwen stepped forward.

"Haldir." she said warmly. The bows were instantly lowered as Haldir embraced Renyarwen in the we-have-always-been-close-friends way.

"Renyarwen, it has been whispered that you travel forth to Lorien, glad I am that you have." Haldir said in an I-have-missed-you-greatlt-and-am-glad-that-you-have-returned voice.

"I have not come alone." Renyarwen said as Namriarwen stepped forth. Haldir gasped, rarely had he seen the beautiful maidens side by side.

"Long has it been since I have seen such beauty and power." He said. At last he looked past the beautiful maidens to Aragorn and Legolas. "Too long it has been since I saw you both."

"Haldir we need your aid." Aragorn said. Haldir looked to Renyarwen.

"We must speak with Galadriel and Celeborn." She said softly.

"Then I shall be your guide, come." He went to turn, but someone caught his eye. The form of Delphaen was like a thousand red hot swords stabbing into his heart. Delphaen looked to the ground offering no words.

"Come Haldir, we must not let the past overcome us." Renyarwen said. Haldir nodded, but the mirth had left his handsome, manly yet still elf like face. The company followed, they walked on in relative silence their grief making their tongues still. Fimally Haldir came to a halt in front of a great tree. A ladder descended and the elf began to climb, Renyarwen went next and Namariarwen followed her, Legolas too climbed up.

"Why are we waiting down here?" Pippin asked impatiently.

"They must adhere to elvish customs." Aragorn answered vaguely. Gimli was the only one who seemed unsettled by this. Finally Renyarwen came back down the ladder.

"Tonight we shall rest amongst the trees in safety, we will be well protected." the Hobbits looked unsure. "Come master Merriadoc, you shall show your kin that there is nothing to be scared of." Renyarwen's voice held the hint of laughter and music blended together, Merry was in awe of how beautiful her voice could sound. He climbed up and the rest of the Fellowship followed. The flet was large enough for the company to stay in, but the hobbits much prefered the ground. They ate and set up their bedding. Renyarwen, Legolas, Namariarwen and Aragorn descended back down to hide the rest of their possesions.

"Do you know the maidens Renyarwen and Namariarwen well?" Inquired Jeowyn who was desperate to rid the silence that hung onimously in the air. A fond smile came to Haldir's lips.

"Indeed, I am especially close with the Lady Renyarwen, she lived here for a time and I like many of my kind doted on her, yet it was never meant to be for us, there has only ever been one elf in Middle Earth that she has ever had eyes for."

"Who was that?" Pippin asked, voicing the question that no one else had seemed ready to ask.

"Know you not?" Haldir asked the others confused. They all shook their heads, even Boromir was now paying attention. "He walks amongst your company and you know him not?"

"If you would tell us then we should know." Gimli said grumpily, obviously hiding the fact that he was keenly interested in who held Renyarwen's heart. Haldir opened his mouth, but it was Jeowyn that spoke.

"Legolas." Haldir nodded, the others were taken aback in shock.

"Yes now that I think on it, it should have been very obvious." Merry said.

"But she is engaged to the Lord Glorfindel now." Jeowyn said. "Legolas does not love her." AT this news Haldir and Boromir looked very shocked.

"That's not true." Boromir said. "Only at the enterance of Moria was he speaking of his love for her."

"This is most strange indeed." Haldir said. "I was the messenger between them both during their time apart, never did he speak a word to me that would indicate that hestopped loving her. Indeed the last night we spoke he had decided that he would leave Mirkwood and marry her." They were suddenly startled by a movement at the edge of the flet.

"It cannot be." Legolas's soft voice said. "I have no memory of ever meeting her before the Council. Haldir what cruel joke do you play upon me?" Haldir looked at Legolas as though he were mad.

"Legolas you can not tell me you don't remember, the love between you was like that of Beren and Luthien, Romeo and Juliet, that is not forgotten easily." Haldir said-in-an-I-can't-believe-this-is-happening voice. Legolas gave the party a confused and emotional look then disappeared from sight.

"I don't understand." said Frodo.

"A spell." said Opaline suddenly. "He has been placed under a spell."

"Yes." said Haldir. "That is the only possible answer. He was placed under a spell. All went silent as Renyarwen appeared on the fleet.

"What have you said Haldir?" She asked her voice shaking.

"I knew not, I am sorry." Renyarwen disappeared almost instantaneously. Aragorn and Namariarwen shared a look.

"I will talk to her." Aragorn said. He too disappeared.

"What of Legolas?" Haldir asked.

"I shall find him." Boromir said eager to escape the tension.

Aragorn soon found Renyarwen, she was sitting alone, a single tear escaped her eye.

"Do not be angry with Haldir." Aragorn began.

"I am angry with myself, for thinking that he could ever love me again." Renyarwen said, her voice hollow.

"But you have never met." Aragorn said confused. Renyarwen sighed and then related her sad tale to Aragorn.


Boromir had found Legolas, he was unsure of how to approach the elf, he had never been one to talk of feelings and love.

"Legolas." He said in the most manly voice he could muster. Legolas turned to him.

"Has something happened? Is Renyarwen well?" He asked.

"Nothing has happened and the maiden is well as far as I can tell." Boromir said uncomfortably. The elf was looking at him strangely, he didn't like that.

"What is it then Boromir?" Legolas asked confused. "YOu're injured." Boromir waved the elf's concerns away.

"Tis but a scratch. I cannot be anything else but blunt in this matter Legolas. Do you love thegirl?" Legolas nodded unsure of what Boromir was trying to tell him. "Then tell her if she loves you too then so be it if not then you can move on and stop sighing and cupiding about." Legolas was alarmed by Boromir's bluntness, but heeded his words. He left Boromir and moved instinctually to where Renyarwen was with Aragorn.

"Boromir may need aid, he appears to be bleeding a lot." Legolas said to Aragron. Aragorn left in search of Boromir. "Renyarwen I must speak to you." Renyarwen kept her eyes upon the ground.

"What is it you wish to say." Legolas found himself unable to speak, he was suddenly nervous. Renyarwen sighed sadly.

"I love you." HE said quickly. Renyarwen turned unsure if she had heard right.

"What did you say?" Renyarwen turned and Legolas now knelt beside her taking her hands in his.

"I know that we have had a past together and that evil has tried to destroy it, yet it has not, I love you more than I have ever loved another in my long years." A smile came across Renyarwen's face and a light entered her eyes that had never been there before. Never had she looked more beautiful than at this moment.

"Legolas I have loved you and only ever you. You are the only elf that has my heart. NEver will I love another the way I love you." They kissed and from the flet above them they could hear the appluase of the Fellowship and Haldir and his elves.
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Episode 70 [03 Jul 2005|10:39pm]

Episode by Jgirl

The company now went down the road from the gates. For some time Opaline tried to keep up with the others; but Aragorn was leading them at a great pace, and eventually she fell even further behind than those who were far more assailed with wound or grief than she.

Or so it seemed at first. As Opaline finally sank down to her knees, she felt a stinging sensation along her scalp, and half in pain, half in confusion and half in concern she ran her fine hand through her red hair. She drew it back in pain and looked at the smears of darker red that came away on her fingers. She had been wounded, and had not known it.

At last Legolas turned, and seeing Opaline, and Jeowyn and Delphaen who between them were helping Boromir, were all now far behind, he called out to Aragorn, who halted the group. They spoke together in some concern, and then Aragorn set the now-conscious Namariarwen down on a convenient boulder and approached Opaline.

"I am sorry, Opaline!" he said penitently. "I did not know you were hurt. And I have forgotten Boromir also. So much has happened today, and such need for haste that we have had, that I have been remiss. A little further on there is a place where we may rest for a little..."

Aragorn looked around. Someone was needed to carry the fair Namariarwen. Boromir was dangerously close to having need to be carried himself, Legolas was still tenderly carrying the lovely Renyarwen, and the only remaining member of the fellowship with both the physical requirements and the overall state of health required to carry a wounded maiden remained- Sirius Black.

"Sirius..." Aragorn began.

"No!" shrieked Opaline, literally cowering. "No! I can walk!"

But it was clear that she could not. Nor would she stand to have Sirius within a five foot radius of her person. Finally Aragorn sighed.

"That remains myself," he said practically. "Sirius! Will you bear the maiden Namariarwen in your arms, whilst I assist Opaline, who has been grievously wounded?"

Sirius would. And thus they travelled on for some time, in as much haste as they could manage. They arrived just at a spot where a much smaller stream met the Silverlode and bubbled noisily down into a little dell. It was about three o'clock in the afternoon, and they were still a great way from Lothlorien.

Gimli and Merry and Pippin quickly got a fire going, and Aragorn gravely examined the wound on Opaline's scalp. It was not deep, but it looked ugly, and Aragorn was quietly concerned for a few moments. Finally he breathed a sigh of relief.

"Good luck, fair lady!" he said. "The cut is not poisoned, as I fear it might be. It should heal well."

This good news did not last as Aragorn tended Namariarwen and Renyarwen, both unscathed but as dazed as those could be who have undergone great mental assault. "We must make haste as soon as we can," was Aragorn's terse verdict; he knew that only the elven haven of Lothlorien and the wise and fair Elves there would know the secret to setting those two great minds at ease.

Last of all Aragorn turned to Boromir. "You did a foolish thing," he said, though his voice was not stern; Boromir had paid for his foolish action and all knew it to be so.

But it was Jeowyn that Aragorn turned to next. "Your healing powers are amiss. Why is that?"

"I don't know," she said blankly. "For it is my greatest desire to heal such a grievous wound."

"Is it?" said Delphaen suddenly. Jeowyn felt as though Delphaen had shot an arrow into her heart with her sudden question.

Boromir was loath to allow Aragorn to touch him, but it was all unnecessary as it was obvious his wound was serious- he bled still through the binds that Delphaen had set for him. There was nothing to do but to hasten to Lothlorien with all speed. Delphaen retied the binds on Boromir's shoulder hastily but skillfully as they made ready to leave.

"You don't have to help me," said Boromir to Delphaen in a low voice.
"No," she said briefly. "I don't have to help you."
"But you are," he pressed.
She pulled the ends of the tourniquet with some vim and Boromir grit his teeth.
"I help you because of old ties," she said equally as grimly. "I am a maiden of Gondor, though in exile, and we have spent many a happy hour in each other's company, though these you may choose not to remember. You are a Lord of Gondor, and I your subject. Where in this should I not help you?"
Boromir was a long time in replying. "I'm sorry," he said, and would say no more than this.

As for Jeowyn, her heart smote her deeply. She loved Boromir. She would die to save him. But she could not heal him- she was forced to stand aside and allow Delphaen, whose conventional medical skills exceeded her own, to tend the man she loved so deeply.

And it seemed to her that Boromir no longer looked at Delphaen with the shame and impatience he had previously. And in Delphaen's eyes, as she looked into his face before rising to wash her bloodstained hands in the Silverlode, there was a softness that Jeowyn had never seen in Delphaen's face before. It was there for a second, and then it vanished. Jeowyn settled her mind with the fancy that she had imagined it.

They travelled on, painfully slowly, until sunset had set in and evening was falling. The night-wind blew chill up the valley to meet them. Before them a wide grey shadow loomed, and they heard the endless rustle of leaves like poplars in a breeze. Here they paused to rest the wounded and the grieved alike.

"Lothlorien!" cried Legolas. "Lothlorien! We have come to the eaves of the Golden Wood. Alas that it is winter!"

"We shall not reach the safety of the Wood proper tonight," sighed Aragorn, "and I fear we must fend for ourselves. I wish it were not so. We are in dire haste."

The others made as if to go on, but Jeowyn did not move. Her heart suddenly misgave her.

"Is there no other way?" she said.

"No other way?" Aragorn smiled at her, the first time he had smiled since who knew when. "What fairer way would you go?"

"By a plain road, though it be thick with thieves," said Jeowyn. "Of the perilous land of Lothlorien we have heard in Gondor. It is said that few come out who once go in..."

"Law wanes in Gondor," said Delphaen suddenly. Jeowyn turned and looked about her. Namariarwen looked about to swoon again. Boromir was as white as paper. Opaline looked on the verge of tears.

"Lead on," she said miserably.

And Aragorn led them on, none with such a downcast heart as Jeowyn. She drew her hood over her face and her sleeve over the Elvish character on her arm, which she fancied pained her like the sting of a bee, and she said no more.
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Episode 69 [03 Jul 2005|10:36pm]

Episode by Jgirl


It was hardly a masculine scream of anguish. But it seemed to the others who stood stricken silent with shock that Frodo had voiced the emotions of them all.

To the end of her life, Jeowyn would never forget the intense horror of that moment, as she watched the wizened old wizard plunge into the deep black chasm. She ceased to struggle in Boromir's arms. In fact she sank down a little, with a sensation of being slightly faint which was still new to her hardy constitution.

On the other side of the deep dark chasm the Orcs had not been idle. A shower of arrows flew across the pit and landed in and amongst the stricken group. One hit the struggling Frodo and glanced back. Seeing this, Delphaen took the hobbit in her arms and shielded him against further attack with her body as best she could. Behind her Aragorn deftly ducked several more arrows. Namariarwen, still in Sirius' arms, was nearly in a swoon. Suddenly:

"Renyarwen! I must save her!"

"Legolas, no!" Aragorn suddenly cried out, reaching out as if to restrain the elf, who had suddenly broken forward, as if a spell of inertia laid upon him had been lifted by an unseen force.

But Legolas shrugged off Aragorn's grasp and gracefully made his way to the precipice, where Renyarwen was crouched, numbed and blinded with pain and grief and loss. His passage forward was besieged by the many arrows that were now squarely aimed at him, a nearer target and a more obvious one than the group that stood behind him in the half-shadows, or the girl who crouched near the precipice.

As he reached her Legolas ducked another arrow, and turned his fair face back to the rest of the fellowship beyond. But the only person who met his glance was Jeowyn, and it was she who understood what a noble attempt his rescue of the fair Renyarwen really was.

"Boromir," she said in a commanding but calm tone she rarely used. "Let me go."

Boromir immediately did so. He looked utterly at a loss. Beside him, Delphaen still held the screaming Frodo in her arms, and though she was strong in body, his struggling meant that she had difficulty keeping a grasp on him. She was at last forced to put him down, but Sam and Pippin between them prevented Frodo from going any closer to the dangerous chasm.

Beyond them at the very dangerous chasm, Legolas was lifting Renyarwen into his arms. Everyone who watched flinched in unison as an arrow whistled past one of his ears. Again he looked at Jeowyn with that strange, desperate look.

"We must flee," Jeowyn gasped. "Now!"

Probably even this urgency would have failed to rouse the others, had she not taken it upon herself to head the fellowship. She quickly and gracefully made her way to, and up, the staircase that led the way out. At this, Boromir made as if to stop her, but suddenly cried out and dropped to his knees. Jeowyn turned. To her utter horror she saw that the hairy black shaft of an Orc arrow protruded from the soft part of his left shoulder.

Boromir reacted immediately but irrationally. He took the arrow in his right hand and pulled it out the way it had entered.

Delphaen grasped at Boromir's hand but it was all too late. Jeowyn shrieked, but there was no time to wonder. Boromir himself cried out once in pain, but in another second he had recovered himself and followed Jeowyn to where she stood halfway up the stairs.

His movement was all the others needed to be convinced that this was indeed what they were expected to do. Aragorn recovered his sense of composure and leadership, and it was he who urged the others forward. The hobbits, Delphaen, Opaline and Sirius with Namariarwen still in his arms needed no urging, but true to form, Gimli, who was now displaying the full effects of his phenomenally vicious temperament, had to be dragged out by Aragorn and Delphaen, who each took an arm and hauled him between them. Behind them all came Legolas, unstricken save but for a trickle of blood that stained one of his fair temples, and in his arms he held the beautiful Renyarwen, who was yet in a swoon.

The air outside was not particularly cold, but after the long dark of Moria they were chilled to the bone at the unexpected fresh air. Blinded they were also by the glare of the sun on the rocks in the barren landscape they found themselves in. And they wept there, wept for a wise and true friend named Gandalf.

Legolas gently laid Renyarwen out as comfortably as he could, and she opened her eyes and blinked, though she was too weak to stand and did not seem inclined to speak much. The hobbits wept without shame or restraint. Namariarwen was sobbing in her own native tongue while Sirius stood by, tearful with pity and his own grief, but unable to understand and so help her any further. Gimli was undoubtedly cursing energetically in his own language.

Opaline did not weep. She spent a long time gazing back from whence they came, her eyes burning with a shock and grief that could not express itself in ready tears.

Jeowyn sobbed with abandon, for more reasons than one, for Boromir had ignored his own physical pain and put his arm around her, and the wound in his shoulder bled heavily and looked serious. But as she wept, her natural grief for the dead became buried by a deeper concern for the living. Why did Boromir's shoulder not heal at her precious tears?

Delphaen, whose beautiful but tearless eyes expressed a grief more profound than any tears could have, finally drew Boromir's attention to it.

"You bleed," she said unnecessarily.

Jeowyn disliked her tone, but she had not the strength of will to fight with Delphaen. She drew a deep breath, and collected herself enough to examine the wound, which was bleeding freely.

"I don't understand." Jeowyn wiped her eyes with the back of one alabaster hand. "Whither is my power? This is beyond my skill to heal."

"But perhaps not beyond mine," said Delphaen. It was she who tended Boromir's wound and bound it for him as best he could.

But for the devastating loss of Gandalf, and this wound to Boromir, the rest of the Fellowship were not seriously scathed. The wound on Legolas' temple proved to be superficial, the result of a very very close shave indeed with an arrow.

Finally when he had ascertained that Boromir's injury was the only one they had seriously sustained, Aragorn stood up with the air of a stoic bent on stoicism.

"We must move on."

At his voice, Opaline was shaken out of her reverie. "Give us a moment, for pity's sake!" she snapped. It was completely out of character for her.

"You have had many moments, and they will do us no good. By nightfall these hills will be swarming with Orcs!" Aragorn protested. "We must reach the woods of Lothlorien."

"And what of the fair maids, Namariarwen and Renyarwen?" protested Boromir. "They cannot be expected to walk..."

"No," said Aragorn. "Those of us who are still strong will carry them. Legolas..."

Legolas already had Renyarwen in his arms. With a sudden swift glance at Sirius, Aragorn lifted Namariarwen himself, and keeping close to the dazed, grief-numbed Frodo, he led the party onwards, away from the last resting place of Gandalf the Grey.
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Episode 68 [09 Oct 2004|06:30am]

Namariarwen was struggling... her body ached from the running, and now her mind was filled with fire, and shadow... a mental onslaught..... a gentle glow broke upon her maidenly brow and she drew in a ragged breath. Sirius, who stood by her, turned sharply.
"What is it Namariarwen?" he asked, his voice choked by this nameless fear
But Namariarwen answered not, nor did she even hear his question, for her mind was so clouded by the enemy's spell.
Gandalf had also broken into a sweat, his brow deeply furrowed, and Renyarwen's gaze was not broken by flash of eyelids or the slightest tremor of her eyes....
But still neither of them spoke.
At last it was Legolas, whose heart had been smote the moment the orcs had departed in such fear, spoke up, speaking almost to himself he said in his smooth melodic voice "A Balrog is come... Glorfindel's Bane... vile servant of Morgoth...."
And then it was as thought these words did finally pierce that cloud that had held the seers of the company in such dismay.... and Legolas turned to them again, but this time there was an urgent panic in his voice as he cried
"AI AI!!!! A BALROG IS COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

DOOM!!! beat the drums, still pounding as though some creature had turned the walls of Moria itself into a giant instrument
DOOM! DOOM! they pounded... sounding out the fate of the fellowship as Gandalf turned to them 'THis foe is beyond all of you... RUN!"

And thus did the fellowship fly... ever and again did one of the look back and see naught but shadow in the distance, but the shrieking and hooting of the orcs had once again begun, and so the fellowship ran as best they could.

Namariarwen drew upon every ounce of strength left in her lithe body and she pushed forward through all barriers of pain.
Gimli led the way through darkness until they reached a great hall split by a great fissure in the ground through which a fire glowed.

"Quickly" cried Gandalf, pulling Aragorn aside "You must lead the company... make for the bridge!"
"I will not let you stand alone Gandalf" he insisted, his noble heart being torn in two.
But Gandalf heartlessly thrust Aragorn from him, Aragorn cast him a hurt, and frankly annoyed look, that the wizard would thus manhandle the future king of Gondor and Arnor... but made nothing of it and instead quickly ushered along the hobbits, making sure they stayed with the company.

Suddenly Namariarwen and Renyarwen felt as one a blinding pain, and knew that their enemy was among them...
The Balrog lept effortlessly over the fissure, and the flames lept up to greet it, clothing it in fire and igniting its mane, sword and flaming whip. The creature was man-like, almost, or maybe bull-like, with wings of shadow that stretched out and filled the hall.
At times these wings seemed to disappear almost completely and one would swear that indeed the Balrog had NO wings, but at other times they would become tangible and beat about wildly.

The orcs were now swelling about in its wake, loosing arrows at the company left, right and centre and shrieking with glee.

Suddenly Boromir took up his horn and blew it.... the call sang out and resonated through the cavern, and the orcs heard it and they were terrified by its harsh note... the clamouring echoes akin to an army of garbage trucks.

Then did the Balrog spread out its not-wings and the echoes fell dead like flies in an insecticide commercial.
Jéowyn was ushering the others over the bridge, and she was followed by Boromir, Gandalf brought up the rear, and he was eventually, the only one left standing on the perilously thin bridge.

THe Balrog stepped forward, its body almost intangible as it was wreathed in fire and a deep smoky shadow.
"You cannot pass" cried Gandalf, his body, which had seemed so imposing to the hobbits now seemed no more than that of a shriveled old man before the power of the beast.

The balrog laughed with its harsh, almost soundless voice. To those around, it sounded more like a blast of flame.

But still Gandalf stood firm.

"You cannot pass!" He told the Balrog again.

The Balrog now walked out onto the bridge... somehow managing to keep its massive form from toppling over the edge of the bridge that even the hobbits had found perilously thin.
It drew itself up to its full height, and its not-wings filled the entire cavern.
"Thou fool" it spake, in a harsh, grating voice, that again sounded like a furnace blast. "Thinkest thou that thou canst stand to the might of a balrog of Melkor?" It laughed, and its fiery whip sang, rendering the air in two.

But still Gandalf did not falter.

"We cannot let him stand alone" cried Namariarwen, and though she was almost blind with the pain in her head, she stumbled forward. Delphaen, Opaline, Renyarwen and Jéowyn all came to follow her, but Delphaen was held back by Aragorn who stood beside her, Opaline by Merry, Renyarwen by Legolas, Jéowyn by Boromir and Namariarwen by Sirius. For all the men were rooted the spot, watching this battle of darkness and light...

"I am a servant of the secret fire, wielder of the flame of Anor. You cannot pass" said Gandalf, a note of triumph in his voice.

The Balrog seemed to falter for a moment, and then brought its flaming red sword down on Gandalf, but there it was met by Glamdring that burned with a white fire that did destroy the weapon of the enemy.
"Dark fire shall not avail you Flame of Udun" he drew himself to his full height. "You CANNOT PASS!!" he cried with his might and then did he bring down his staff and struck the bridge with all his might....
His staff was broken into a hundred pieces, but so was the bridge, and with a cry that fell harshly on the ears of all and sundry, the Balrog did plummet into the gorge.
At this point did Renyarwen break free of the grasp of Legolas who was also under the mental assault of the Balrog, and she ran so swiftly that none could catch her.
THe Balrog, in one last throw, curled its whip around Gandalfs knees, pulling him in to the chasm.... but there was Renyarwen and she clasped onto Gandalfs arms.
"NO!!!" she cried, as she held him with all her strength.

Still yet was Gandalf slipping from her grasp.
"This is how it must be" he said, his eyes filled with some emotion that Renyarwen could not understand.

"Olorin" she whispered, though she knew not from whence that name came.

He looked squarely into her eyes...
"I'm going to get my sword back"

And with that he did loose himself from Renyarwens grasp, and fell down into the black depths.
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Episode 67 [09 Oct 2004|06:22am]

Episode by Mylla

Opaline pulled herself to her weary feet, nearly staggering into the prone body of the ugly cave troll. Her shining red head was aching and she felt something wet when she put her shaking hand to it. Yet she would not complain, she reminded herself fiercely – not in such brave and unique company.

She heard Gandalf’s solemn words and saw the fellowship begin to break into a panicked run. The orcs were assembling for another violent attack somewhere beyond the stony cold walls of the chamber of death. None of the group had thought to see if she was all right, she thought bitterly, and began to move reluctantly after them, her head pounding with each step.

She had spoken very little to any of the fellowship, unwilling to explain her presence among them. She knew they had been talking about her, but she just couldn’t begin to try to explain. A sense of intense loneliness washed over her, and she fought back tears.

Then Opaline felt a warm hand on her arm and looked down slightly into the concerned face of the young hobbit Merry. “Can you run? We have to get out!” he yelled urgently over the racket the orcs were making.

Without answering, she quickened her reluctant pace, Merry running alongside her. An orc cry came suddenly much too close for comfort behind, and Opaline felt real fear and urgency again, and the blinding pain left her as she quickly sprinted after the moving group.

They had crossed only half of the vast stone hall when Opaline saw Delphaen, who was just in front of her by this time, glance quickly to the side. Further ahead, Aragorn had looked up with a curse, and Pippin, lagging behind, gave a cry. And then Opaline realised the horrible truth – they were surrounded, and the circle was tightening. Orcs were running at them from all directions, even crawling down from the ceiling far above. The shrieking and yells on all sides were deafening, and drawing nearer.

Finally the group had to stop, as the thousands of orcs closed in around them. Legolas and Renyarwen had arrows to their bows, although Renyarwen seemed troubled by something other than the orcs and her attention was divided. Opaline saw Delphaen push Frodo and Sam behind her. Namariarwen seemed near collapse. Jéowyn and Boromir were facing the orcs with their swords raised.

Opaline’s breath was coming in quick gasps; she had never felt so lost and out of her depth. She had come all this way trusting that she had some purpose among these people but it seemed that all she could do was die desperately alongside them, without ever having known their trust or friendship.

Something brushed her trembling shoulder, and she glanced to her right to see Merry standing facing the orcs with a wide-eyed fear, but determination as well. He sensed Opaline’s gaze and looked to her, and they shared the moment of uncertainty and fear before Merry turned his attention back to the orcs still jeering threats at them.

A feeling of great hope swelled up within Opaline, and she knew she had the trust and friendship of one member of the Fellowship at least. And that hope bubbled up into words, whispered words which nevertheless were heard by each member of the company.

“Hey, it’s all good!” she said encouragingly. “Look, they’re not coming anywhere near us. They know we can kick their butts.”

She saw several members of the Fellowship relax slightly, and even smile. However, there was one who did not seem to have even heard her – Renyarwen, who was gazing past the orcs, down the high stone room with arches, although she did not seem to see her surroundings, but was rather looking inward.

A second later, a deep resonating pounding sound made all the orcs jump in fright. A second noise of the same sort made them squeal and start to run away. The dwarf laughed foolishly, shaking his fist after them, but Opaline’s attention was focussed on Renyarwen. Her eyes were now closed, and she seemed to be in the throes of an internal struggle.

“What is this new devilry?” murmured Opaline in wonder.
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Episode 66 [09 Oct 2004|06:18am]

The orcs closed in around Namariarwen whose slim, (but not anorexic, just you know, thin, like kinda bigger than skinny, but not fat by any stretch of the imagination), beautiful form lay prone on the dirty, cold cave floor.

Aragorn saw her lying there and with a cry went running towards her. Even though Renyarwen had dealt with the first round of orcs with her bizarre flower power, still more crowded round Namariarwen... though it would seem not with the intent to kill her...
Two of the brutes lifted her unconscious body from the ground and began to try and bustle her out of the cave.

"NO!!!" cried Aragorn, deftly slicing through orc after orc like a chef in one of those knife infomercials.
But ALAS, he was thwarted in his attempted rescue by the cavetroll.
THe other hobbits had gone on a murderous rampage after Frodo's death, and were now jumping upon the troll digging thier puny knives into its thick, tough, stiff, warty, rough, dry skin. The poor stupid creature had no idea what was going on and was swatting at the stinging creatures on its burly shoulders, stumbling about the place, and directly into Aragorn's path.

Then from nowhere came Sirius.
He lept down from the crumbling stonework, spun around with a laugh... his handsome face animated and full of life. The orcs knew not what to make of this strange man and his strange weapon. In their moment of indecision he cried "STUNNING SPELL!" and the orcs attempting to steal Namariarwen were frozen in their tracks....
He ran over and clasped her unconscious body to his own... carrying her away from the melee...

There was a twang as Legolas' bow sang once again and suddenly Gordon the cavetroll's screams of rage were muted. Sirius turned around as did the whole company... staring at Gordon, whose head was cruelly pierced by an arrow like a macabre shish kebab.
The rest of the orcs must have died or run away, for the company were now afforded the peace and space to be able to gawk at the troll as it teetered back and forth in its death throes.

Eventually it fell forward, almost crushing Opaline, and throwing the other two hobbits across the room where they landed with a *boing*.

Everyone rushed over to Namariarwen whom Sirius was still cradling in his arms.
Renyarwen placed her hand lightly across Namariarwen's brow and in an instant, her sparkling starlit eyes were open.
"She's alive" gasped Sam with relief...
A slight smile spread across Gandalf's face.
Namariarwen sat up slowly, gingerly touching the back of her head where the rock had hit her.
"We should teach master Frodo to better his throw!" she grimaced. The rest of the company laughed heartily until Pippin piped up... "OH, we forgot... Frodo's dead!"

"NO!" cried Delphaen suddenly, and she ran over to the hobbits lifeless form... No sooner had she touched him then he opened his eyes slightly and coughed.
Delphaen cautiously touched the wound where Frodo had been stabbed, and suddenly looked outraged.
"He's not wounded at all!" she cried... "He was wearing armour beneath his clothes all this time!"

THe rest of the company were furious at Frodo for his outright deception, and Sirius had just muttered something darkly under his breath, when suddenly from the passage way they could hear the shrieking, whooping and general noise of the orcs.

"I do not think that those are whoops of orcs having an orcish birthday party" whispered Pippen solemnly.

Gandalf gave Pipin an exasperated look, then turned the others and whispered harshly "TO THE BRIDGE OF KHAZADDUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
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Episode 65 [02 Oct 2004|09:26pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Renyarwen gazed around at her surroundings, she had seen this place before, but not with her own eyes, truly it was a sight to behold, yet Renyarwen found no confort in it, she longed for trees, flowers grass and the fresh open air. Though she had regained much of her strength, her mind still ached from Sauron's intrusion, she had little control of the powers that had returned to her and was entering minds as soon as she looked at any of the members of the Fellowship, save Opaline and Legolas. They moved on and Renyarwen began to feel dread lie heavily upon her shoulders, she turned to Namariarwen, she had felt it too. The two maids now quickened their pace. Aragorn had noticed and while his curiousty was tweaked he said nothing but instead moved in time with the maidens. The others began quickening their pace, though none seemed to know why. Gandalf and Gimli stopped suddenly, reluctantly the others turned to see what they were looking at, dwarf skeletons littered the floor around a small entranceway to a chamber. Gimli set off at a run to the chamber.

"No Gimli." Gandalf called but it was to late. Renyarwen felt a surge of anger and a powerful wind blew through the corridor, knocking Frodo, who was usually unsteady on his feet, off balance. Legolas looked to her unsurely.

"Why did you do that?" He asked low enough so that no one else could hear. Renyarwen looked away from his intense gaze.

"I cannot help it, if my emotions are strong the elements run wild, I have no control." Renyarwen said just as quietly. Legolas nodded and pushed the matter no further, Renyarwen was thankful for it. After Sam had help Fordo to his feet they moved into the chamber, Gimli was knelling in front of a stone coffin, banging his head and wailing in greif.

"Here lies Balin, son of Fundin, Lord of Moria." Aragorn said in a tone of respectful grieving.

"He is dead then, it is as I feared." Legolas said. There was a clatter of noise as Frodo tripped over a rock. Gandalf gave his staff and hat to Pippin and he leant down to pick up a book from one of the dead dwarves, pages fell out, Gandalf blew the dust from the remaining pages and read aloud.

" We cannot get out. They have taken the bridge and the second hall. We cannot get out. The Watcher wakes. We cannot get out. The end comes. Drums, drums in the deep. We cannot get out." Gandalf paused and was faintly annoyed when he saw that all in the company were watching Renyarwen with interest. Her eyes were glazed over and her expression was as though she were seeing the events before her clearly.

"They are coming." Gandalf finished in a loud dramatic voice. The company was silent and still., Save Pippin who was touching a skeleton, he touched the arrow embedded in it, the thing fell clattering into the well that it was seated upon. ALl within the company flinched with every bang and clatter it made. Gandalf looked furious, Renyarwen's face was unreadable but fire hissed from her hand and circled the roof.

"Fool of a Took!" Gandalf said angrily. "Throw yourself in next time and rid us of your stupidity." He snatched his hat and staff back and the company went to leave.

BOOM!!!!!!!! Drumming could be heard in the depths of Moria, movement could be heard and the hideious cries of orcs.

"They are coming." Legolas said gravely.

"We cannot get out!!!!" cried Frodo desparately,.

"Trapped!!," Cried GaNdalf. "Why, why did I dely?? Here we are caught just as they were before..."

"But we were not here then." Namariarwen and Renyarwen said within his mind. Gandalf visably calmed. Boromir ran to the doors and barely managed to pull his head back in before two arrows hit the door exactly where it had been. Aragorn had reached the door and with the help of Legolas they began bording up the door. Namariarwen, Renyarwen, Jeowyn, Delphaen, the hoddits and Gandalf had their weapons drawn. Glamdring wasn't glowing, Namariarwen and Renyarwen paused to wonder why that was. Sirius had his wand ready, Opaline had a sword she had pulled from a sekelton.

"They have a cave troll." Boromir said. The orc cries grew wilder and louder. They moved back into a line, the orcs began hammering at the doors, they hewed into it with axes. As soon as the smallest hole was made, Legolas, Renyarwen and Aragorn loosed their bows, each deadly arrow finding it's target with deadly precision. The orcs still persisted and the doors were thrown aside. The front line of the orcs hurled forth, many being brought down by the deadly shots of Renyarwen, Legolas and Delphaen.

Aragorn and Boromir had raced into battle, screaming in a manly fashion that undoubtedly struck fear into the very hearts of the orcs.

Jeowyn had run with Boromir and was attacking with her deadly sword, orc heads bounced from her blade.

Namariarwen had entered the fray with her beautiful, but deadly sword, she seemed to be battling gracefully, every movement was well practiced, she like Renyarwen seemed to be intertwined in a graceful dance with death everytime she fought with her sword, no blade touched the two, yet their blade found it's target without any apparent effort. The group spilt out and were now fighting in every corner of the room.

Gimli again was wildly hacking into anything that crossed his path. Orc limbs flew in every direction as he worked through them in his manical rage. He was so involved in the fight at hand that he did not realise that he was, yet again about to hack Aragorn's leg off, Renyarwen had noticed in the nick of time and with a gust of wind sent the axe from his hand, it flew into an orc the otherside of the room that had just been about to kill Frodo.

Sirius battled with his wand sending every spell he could think of at the attacking orcs. Most were so surprised by his method of attack that they had not the time to react by the time he yelled "Killing Curse!" and they were dead on the spot.

Delphaen and Opaline fought close by each other using their own weapons and anything that they could find. Delphaen was well practiced and the number of orcs falling dead at her feet was a testament to her skill. Opaline was doing extremely well for one so new to battle, she was no doubt naturally skilled in warfare and was able to use anything she came across as a deadly weapon.

A loud bang disturbed them all and a cave troll came blundering into the room, most looked up and paused, but Legolas wasted no time in shooting the creature with an arrow, the creature tried to bring down it's club upon him but Legolas was too fast. It turned instead to Sam, who was much slower due to his chubiness. Though Sam made a dive and narrowly missed the things club, it turned and attempted to bring it's foot down on him, but Aragorn and Boromir had noticed and grabbed the chain that was around it's neck and with their manly strength pulled the thing back. ARagorn let go of the chain but Boromir still holding the chain was thrown to the other side of the room slamming against the stone wall. An orc crept up beside him while he attempted to regain his senses it drew it's blade, but Aragorn threw his sword into it's neck. Boromir looked to Aragorn who gave him the sexiest of nods and then they were once again in the fight.

Legolas was running about the walls, the troll trying to kill him with it's chain, but Legolas being far smarter than the troll, made it wrap it's chain around a pillar, then ran up the chain and ontot the top of the things head. He shot it in the head but still the thing would not die, he jumped off before it could throw him off and used his deadly blades to kill more orcs in a very handsome way.

Renyarwen had been using her sword but found that her powers were emerging without warning, she had conjured lightening and killed three orcs with the one bolt. Fire came from her and the orcs surrounding her disappeared. There was an orc running about with a rain cloud over his head.

The hobbits had taken to throwing rocks, Frodo had dropped his sword and kept tripping over rocks, so he found that throwing them was very useful indeed. He was Sirius rush past him in a blur yelling "Jelly legs Jinx!" SOmething very strange happened to the orc, but Frodo did not linger, he went and hid from the troll that seemed to be coming straight for him. He threw a rock at it, but his aim was awful and it hit Namariarwen in the head, she fell to the ground, a bunch of orcs closing in around her.

Sam who had been battling fircely was knocked to the ground by a flying orc that the troll had batted out of the way with his club. Opaline to had succumbed to a flying orc. Renyarwen seeing Namariarwen still on the ground became enraged, flowers shot from her strangling the first orcs they came across.

Frodo was stabbed by the troll, in a very long and dramatic display he fell to the ground.

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Episode 64 [02 Oct 2004|11:51am]

"How can we go any further when we know nothing of this girl?"
hissed Namariarwen furiously, trying to stop the party from moving forward.

Aragorn turned towards her, a hint of annoyance in his face, which made Namariarwen blush shame-facedly.

"I just think it's odd don't you... this girl shows up just before the creature attacks us, accuses Sirius of being a murderer, and then Renyarwen is suddenly attacked by Sauron.." !
She did not mention her flashback to Aragorn.

"We cannot linger" whispered Legolas, still supporting Renyarwen in his strong lithe arms.

"Legolas is right," said Aragorn, "you know well as I that these mines are no longer safe. We must not tarry here, there will be time enough to discuss our histories when we reach the other side."

"But that's four days hence!" pressed Namariarwen, her eyes filled with a strained urgency "We do not know what may happen between now and then."

There was something in her voice that struck ARagorn with a dread that stirred the very core of his soul. Namariarwen also felt that her words held some greater portent that even she knew not.

"Never fear lady," smiled Boromir "We are a party of warriors here..." he looked at the hobbits who grinned amongst each other briefly "... we will hold the evil of these mines at bay"

"Let us hope it will not come to that" muttered Gandalf who did not sound as confident as the Gondorian.

Thus did they begin the trek through Moria. The path was dimly lit by Gandalf's staff and Namariarwen's ring, illuminating the dusty crumbling stonework that was once the glory of Khazaddum, jewel of the dwarvish kingdom.

Renyarwen was still weak, the darkness and gloom of Moria was not aiding her recovery. Gandalf and Aragorn strode ahead wordlessly, and as the party moved in silence Namariarwen felt grateful for the company of Sirius, though this could not be said for the rest of the party, save Renyarwen.

Sirius had not said much since the confrontation by the cave entrance. Namariarwen had not even had time to ask him all the questions that were burning inside her, how he had managed to track them, how he had been able to transform himself...?
She turned her thought to him, hoping to perhaps glean something from his mind, but his thoughts were closed to her. As if he sensed this attempted intrusion into his thoughts, he turned to her and smiled, shaking his head slightly.
Namariarwen was taken aback.! She was shocked both at his strange powers that seemed even stronger than before, and by the powerful reaction his smile had had on her. She felt the warmth rising to her cheeks and she quickly turned her head away, almost colliding into Delphaen who had stopped in front of her.

"What's going on?" asked Pippen, as the rest of the company ground to a halt?

"I... I have no memory of this place" said Gandalf absent-mindedly.
Namariarwen saw Delphaen roll her eyes none-to-subtlely.

The company stood around watching Gandalf, waiting for some sort of sign of his memory stirring. When he sat down and pulled out his pipe they realised they would be there for some time.

The surroundings were not comfortable, and the hobbits were whispering complaints out of sheer boredom, all but Frodo, the ring-bearing hobbit who was sitting alone, staring into the depths of Moria.
Legolas had helped Renyarwen to a smooth rock next to Frodo, who was peering more intently into the darkness...
"Something's down there!" he gasped in horror!

"It's Gollum" said Renyarwen calmly "He's been following us for three days now."

'Who?" asked Frodo, his face filled with confusion?

"Gollum was the creature who had the ring before Bilbo. Bilbo stole the ring from him and now you have the ring. Gollum wants the ring back, so he's following you."

"oh" said Frodo, not really knowing what to make of this information

"Can we kill him?" asked Frodo?

"No." said Renyarwen with no further explanation.!

"oh." said Frodo, his face falling slightly.

"Some people deserve life, and others deserve death. Can you give it to them?" asked Renyarwen?

Frodo was silent!

"Do not be so quick to deal out death and judgement in the future" chimed in Gandalf who had suddenly risen to his feet.

"He's remembered!" Smiled Merrie cheerfully.

"No, the air doesn't smell so foul down this path" he said as he slowly led the way down a curving stairway. "When in doubt Master Meriadoc, always follow your nose"

As the stepped into the hall at the bottom of the staircase, Namariarwen's heart swelled as though surged by a stirring, mournful yet proud melody. The room before them was massive, row upon row of ebony black columns, intricately carved reaching high up to the vaulted ceiling towering above them.
It was infinitely taller than the dwarves would ever have needed a room to be.

"Well there's an eye-opener, and no mistake" gasped Samuelwise.
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Episode 63 [02 Oct 2004|08:40pm]

[ mood | blah ]

Delphaen watched on as Legolas aided Renyarwen, the maiden fought courageously on, she kept pace with the others, though Legolas and Sirius were carrying her share of the equipment. Delphaen brifely wondered what kind of strenght it would take to repell the dark lord Sauron from one's mind. She looked at the ground for a time, then her eyes were drawn back toward Legolas and she began to remember another blonde elf, one she had tried to forget a long time ago.

******8888888**FLASHBACK************888888888888** **

Delphaen stumbled across the forrest floor, hopping desparately to come across some friendly handsome stranger who would aid her willingly. She had just battled a group of orcs single handedly, she coming out the victor, but not before being wounded by the blade of an orc, the wound had caused no immediate threat to her life, but now as the days were passing Delphaen began to believe that this scratch would end her life. Finally she could go no further, she could not move, she could not see, she collapsed to the ground breathing shallowly.

Haldir and his group of elves had been scouting the borders of Lothlorien, they were looking for aparty of orcs that were said to be heading towards the golden forrest.

"What's that?" Rumil asked pointing towards a crumpled form on the ground.

"It's a girl!" exclaimed Orophin in surprise. Haldir pushed through them and made his way towards the girl.

"She lives." He said breathlessly taking in the girls breath taking good looks. "I shall take her back to Lorien, where she can be healed."

"Will she live?" Rumil asked cocking his head to the side to get a better look at this girl.

"She has been overcome with a fever and has lost a lot of blood, but with the proper care, she will live." Haldir said as he brushed the hair covering Delphaen's face back. He picked her up in his strong handsome arms and made his way back to the heart of Lorien. During the journey Delphaen did not wake and Haldir became worried that he had not found her soon enough and she would die. However, a day's tavel from the city he heard a voice within his mind that gave him hope.

"Fear not Haldir, gaurdian of Lorien." THe Lady Galadriel's voice filled his mind. "I shall come to you, I know of your plight and I know of this maid." Haldir ran with renewed enthusiasm and before too long he had reached the spot in which Galadriel was waiting for them. He laid the girls body before her, Galadriel inspected her gingerly, then she placed her hand upon the girls brow and said.

"Cuivië." Delphaen's eyes fluttered open, but she was still very weak from the fever. "Haldir you must take care of this maid, for she will play a role of significance in this world." Haldir nodded, not understanding the event to which Galadriel was refering, but then hardly anyone ever did.

"I shall protect her with my life." He said solemly. They walked back to Lorien and Haldir took the girl up to his fleet, offering her some food and drink, she took very little and seemed unwilling to speak. Haldir, however, persisted in getting to know this maiden better.
"At least tell me your name." He said after a time. Delphaen kept her eyes to the floor.

"My name is Lháèdpen." she lied.

"That is one of the most beautiful names I have ever heard. It falls melodically off the tongue just as the name of Renyarwen or Namariarwen does." Haldir said dotingly. Delphaen nodded.

"And you are?" She asked looking at the handsome elf properly, she thought him to be very pretty indeed.

"My name is Haldir." He said his beautiful blue eyes burning into hers. They talked well into the next dawn and as time past their feelings began to deepen for one another. Yet Delphaen held with her the unsettling feeling that she was forgetting about something...or someone.

One night they were out walking amongst the trees gazing dreamily up to the stars.

"Lháèdpen." Haldir said suddenly. She turned to him, her beautiful eyes sparkling in the moonlight. "There is something that I must ask you and I do hope that you can bring yourself to give me an answer of the positive persuasion." Delphaen blinked, she cupped Haldir's face with her hand.

"Of course, my love." She said gently, her eyes not leaving his form.

"I very much would like it, if you were to marry me." He said, his cheeks blushing a slight shade of red.

"However could I say no?" Delphaen said her face alight with happiness. It hide the deep guilt she had for lying to him.

"Come let us away to Lorien where we can spread the good news." Happily they made their way to Lorien and much feasting and partying was had that night.

The next morning Haldir awoke sighing happily, he looked to the spot in which Delphaen usually lay sleeping but she was not there, he looked about all of her belongings were gone, but there was a single note pinned to the door. Haldir jumped out of bead to read it.

I have left and I shan't return

Haldir knew whose hand in which the letter was written, he slid down, greif overcoming him.

Delphaen ran as fast as she could hating herself for what she had done to Haldir and what she had done to her father, for the night before she had remembered that he was still in the prison of Gondor and she remembered her quest. She could not give it up for such a trival matter as love, but she could not bear to tell Haldir that and so she had run, hopping that she would forget him as he would forget her.

********ENd FLasHBAcK*88888888888**********888*******

Delphaen snapped herself back into reality, she looked back to where Legolas and Renyarwen where walking together, the viloet haired beauty had turned to watch Delphaen as she walked. Delphaen knew then that she would chance no lone encounter with Renyarwen as the mysterious maiden already knew far to much and undoubtedly she now knew more.

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Episode 62 [02 Oct 2004|08:16pm]

[ mood | nostalgic ]

The group looked to Opaline in confusion, they had no idea why she would be so fearful of this man.

"Do you know this man?" Aragorn questioned.

"I know of him." Opaline said her eyes still wide and fearful. "He killed twelve people and one wizard with a single curse." The group looked back to Sirius who was looking at Namariarwen and Renyarwen.

"Is this true?" Boromir asked. Opaline nodded her head but it was Sirius that spoke.

"I was accused of killing them and put in Azkaban yes, but I did not kill them." He was still focused on Namariarwen and Renyarwen as though pleading for them to make the others understand that he was telling the truth.

"That's so not true." Opaline argued. "They found him there he was the only one, he escaped and he's been on the run for the last three years." Fear shone in her eyes, the company knew that she was not making this up.

"Peter Pettigrew he's an animagus he killed those people and then faked his own death." Sirius continued in an even tone.

"Renyarwen, you can see their thoughts, perhaps you can shed some light on this." Gandalf said.

"Sirius speaks the truth, I have seen it within him, he has murdered no one." Renyarwen said firmly and Sirius looked relieved. Renyarwen turned to Opaline at that moment she grasped Legolas' hand, he looked at her bewildered. "Opaline, I cannot see her mind, but I can divine..." Renyarwen squeezed Legolas' hand harder, but she continued on in an even voice. "That she does not know the truth as it is, she knows him only to be a dangerous murderer."

"That's exactly what he is." Persisted Opaline. At that moment Renyarwen swayed on her feet, her grip on Legolas' hand became even tighter still, her free hand lept to her forehead and she let out a scream of pain the likes of which none present had ever heard before. Light illuminated around her, her scream became more intense and all save Legolas took a step back from her. There was a blinding flash of light and then Renyarwen's strength left her, Legolas caught her before she could fall and Boromir quickly laid his coat on the ground so that she could lie upon that. Renyarwen made no movement, she drew no breathe, the group huddled around in wide eyed shock.

"Is she..." Pippin started to ask. No one said a word.

"Is she dead?" Sirius asked his voice strained.

"I cannot tell." Gandalf said.

"What happened, what did that?" Aragorn asked feeling bewildered.

"I do not know." Gandalf said looking away from Renyarwen's still body.

"Gandalf we must do something." Namariarwen said her voice full of distress. "Could it be Saruaman again?"

"I have very little knowledge on this matter." He answered testily. "Legolas, let go."

"She's not dead." Legolas said firmly. Aragorn moved towards Legolas and put his hand on his shoulder.

"I think Gandalf is right." He said gently.

"No." Legolas said stubbornly. "SHe's still alive, I can feel it."

"As can I." said Namariarwen who was know kneeling beside Legolas.

"You must do something." Sirius said forcefully.

"If there were something that I could do I would do it." Gandalf said, his voice full of anger and sadness. Legolas was bent over Renyarwen tears spilling down his face and onto her.

"Lasto beth nin. Tolo dan nan galad." He whispered. The pit of Moria was filled with silence. Jeowyn fought back her urge to cry Boromir put a protective arm around her. The hobbits huddled together all looking mournful. Gimli was banging his head against a rock. Delphaen was still alone but the tradgey had not left her unmoved.

"There is nothing more we can do." Gandalf said. The company would not move. Gandalf tried going forward but they would not follow. SUddenly a blinding light filled the cave and Renyarwen could be heard taking a sharp breathe, she had shot bolt upright and was now rocking back and forth, looking very weak. Shock was once again on the faces of the company.

"Where were you?" Namariarwen asked, practically shoving Legolas out of the way so she could hug her sister of spirit.

"Sauron." Renyarwen said shakily. "He tried to take me." She was looking at Gandalf, who said nothing.

"Did you fight him? Legolas questioned, shoving Namariarwen out of the way.

"I don't understand what happened, he tried to take me, but he couldn't and then darkness took me, but I was called back." She looked directly into Legolas' eyes. "You called me back."

"Are you strong enough to walk?" Gandalf asked.

"Yes." Renyarwen replied as Legolas helped her up.

"Then we shall continue." Gandalf led the way once more. Boromir bent down to pick up his cloak.

"Thankyou." Renyarwen said quietly to him so that none could hear. He nodded and continued on. Renyarwen moved behind him, relying heavily on Legolas for support, her mind and body still aching from her encounter with Sauron.

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Episode 61 [02 Oct 2004|11:00am]

Namariarwen was aghast, her deep starry eyes narrowed with suspicion...
"You can read elvish?" she queried the strange girl with the flaming red locks that fell luxuriously down her back

"What does it say then?" asked Namariarwen, one eyebrow cocked in disbelief... '.. in elvish...?"

"Pedo mellon a minno" said Opaline calmly looking at the tengwar text, her face an image of tranquil serenity.

As soon as she said "mellon" the Dwarvish doors began to creak and groan heavily...

'What's going on?" gasped Pippinn, a pebble still grasped in his hand from the rock skipping game he and merry had been playing on the sickly, black, oily, dark lake's grimy, slimy, mysterious and evil-looking surface.

"Of COURSE" laughed Gandalf standing up with a hearty chuckle "It was so simple!"

"... and yet it after three hours you still had not worked it out" snarled Delphaen under her breath, suddenly her eyes narrowed as she looked across the lake.

Jéowyn followed her line of sight and saw what it was that had caught her attention...
ripples... fanning out across the surface of the lake, quite unrelated to the stones that the hobbits had recklessly cast into the murky depths...

"Something ill is afoot" hissed Delphaen

"Quick... into the mines!" called Jéowyn to the others, shepherding the hobbits before her.

Renyarwen and Namariarwen hurried before Aragorn and Legolas. Gimli was already well within the mines boasting loudly of the great feast and company they were about to meet.

'Something ill is afoot" muttered Aragorn under his breath... "this mine is rank with the stench of decaying flesh..."

Namariarwens ring glowed brightly on her finger. SHe held it aloft, illuminating the cave... illuminating the skeletons that littered the ground about them.

Jéowyn took a sharp intake of breath as she saw the carnage about them.
"This isn't a mine," hissed Boromir "It's a TOMB!!!"

Gimli was lost for words, running about and wailing like a madman

Legolas grabbed one of the arrows from one of the dessicated corpses. It's make and colour were distinctively orcish.
"Goblins" he hissed, and within an instant he and Renyarwen had arrows fitted to their bowstrings, their keen eyes searching the black depths.

Opaline's pale opaline eyes grew wide with fear "I found a group of those orcs in a cave just further up the mountains" she gasped

Boromir's brows was furrowed with concern and resolve. "We make for the Gap of Rohan."
This time no one was keen to argue with him, but as they turned to leave they heard a shriek of fear from Frodo.
The company spun around to see him being dragged into the lake by a slimy tentacle.

"FRODO!!!" cried Sam in horror and at once all the company had their weapons drawn in an attempt to rescue the small blue-eyed hobbit, but the creature beneath the depths had more tentacles than they had fellowship members, and as they hacked one tentacle off, another would appear from beneath the slick oily depths.

"Legolas!" yelled Gandalf "Take out its eye!!"

Legolas armed his bow, but before he could move, Delphaen had lept from the shadows, her hood thrown back, and her bow sung.. the arrow ringing true and hitting the creature square in the eye.
It writhed and screamed, dropping Frodo from high in the air... just as it looked like he was about to hit an outlying rockface, a massive shadow lept through the air, catching Frodo midair and running into the cave.

Aragorn quickly shepherded everyone else into the cave not a moment too soon... the creature thrashing about in its pain and anger destroyed the entrance to the cave.

"What was that thing?" asked Pippin edging towards the creature that had saved Frodo's life.

Namariarwen raised her ring aloft and as the golden silver light filled the cavern they saw an enormous black, shaggy dog before them, with an unconscious Frodo between it's paws.

'What is this creature???" gasped Legolas, his eyes dilated with shock

Namariarwen could not believe her eyes as the dog began to transform before her very eyes... transform into...
"Sirius???" she gasped, her eyes wide with surprise and disbelief

The entire company were completely lost for words and stood for a moment, simply staring at the handsome man in their midst, all except Opaline...
Opaline, who's eyes were wide with horror and fear as she opened her mouth wordlessly, and then finally managed to cry out in terror...
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Episode60 [02 Oct 2004|04:03pm]

[ mood | sleepy ]

“What do you sense in her?” Aragorn asked Renyarwen quietly. Renyarwen looked once again to Opaline, she seemed to be able to divine more from her this time, but still her mind was closed.

“I do not believe her to be evil, though she has evil upon her, perhaps unknowingly.” Renyarwen said vaguely as she concentrated harder on Opaline.

“I thought that you could enter the mind of any creature.” Aragorn said confused at his Renyarwen’s lack of certainty.

“Indeed I can, but there are some that can block their minds to me, I have always been able to break through that block. Yet in her mind there is something strange, a power that has not yet been seen upon this earth.” Renyarwen explained.

“There must be something that you can read from her.” He said desperately.

“I can tell you that my heart tells me she has some part to play on this journey and I believe it to be good. Aragorn she is not from this world, I cannot believe that she has come here to fulfill some dark purpose. She is lost, alone and searching for answers. I do not believe her to be a threat to us.” Renyarwen said firmly. She wanted to speak no more on this matter. Aragorn shifted uncomfortably, Renyarwen’s attention was focused back onto him. “What is it?”

“There is something else that I wish to speak with you on.” He pulled her away further from the group Renyarwen looked at him bewildered. “What arrangement is there between you and Lord Glorfindel.” Any happiness that was left on Renyarwen’s face had now disappeared, she had not thought on this matter for quite some time and was not pleased to be reminded of it.

“Aragorn you know very well what the arrangement between Lord Glorfindel and I is, we are to be married upon the completion of this quest.” She said sorrowfully. “Should I survive.” Aragorn shook his head.

“What I mean to ask is. . . “He stopped himself unsure if he should go on. “Do you love him?”

“That is a bold question to ask.” Renyarwen murmured unwilling to answer the question.

“Forgive me, but I have come to look upon you as a sister and I wish only to ensure your happiness.”

“And if I loved him not, how then would you ensure my happiness?” Renyarwen asked tiredly.

“You love someone Renyarwen, I do not need your powers of the mind to tell me that, but perhaps whoever this elf is, he loves you too.” Renyarwen felt her breathe catch in her throat, she fought bad the mad urge to cry.

“I think not Aragorn, many years ago he made it clear that he loved me not.” Renyarwen said as she moved quickly away. Aragorn was left standing in confusion, he was so sure that she had feelings for Legolas, yet there was no history between them, they had never met. Renyarwen looked to the girl, Opaline, dawning recognition was upon her face as she began to read the elvish on the doors. Quickly she rose her arm and made the cloud once again cover the moon. The writing disappeared. Gandalf grunted angrily and in what looked very much like a tantrum chucked his staff to the ground.

“What magic do you possess?” Boromir asked roughly.

“That which is as old as this earth.” Renyarwen said vaguely, for she was still scanning their surroundings.

“You see things.” He persisted.

“In a manner of speaking.” Renyarwen said distractedly.

“You saw something in me, I know that you did.” He said desperately. Renyarwen turned to him.

“I saw much in you Boromir, though it is nothing that you do not know is within you.” She said simply.

“The ring….” He began.

“You would do well to think less on the ring Boromir.” Renyarwen said firmly, Boromir was lost for words, she was starring directly at him now and momentarily he was lost in her beauty. “Do you really think that any good can come of it?”

“I…uh…” Boromir struggled for words. “e=em2” Renyarwen looked at him as though he were speaking gibberish. He snapped out of it. “Gondor is great, we would not let the ring corrupt us.” Renyarwen said nothing, but her gaze made Boromir feel as though he had said the wrong thing. He stormed away from her just as Legolas was making his way toward her.

“What has happened?” Legolas asked concerned.

“Nothing.” Renyarwen said unable to stop herself from smiling. “A difference of opinion.”

“It seems that we will be stranded here until the cloud lifts.” He said nervously in an attempt to make conversation.

“Yes it is very unfortunate.” Renyarwen said avoiding his eye. Legolas looked at her suspiciously but said nothing. “Though I do not think that it should be too much longer that we are here.”

“Have you sensed something?” He asked eagerly. Renyarwen smiled secretively.


“We are lucky to have you with us.” They looked into each other’s eyes and Renyarwen found herself fighting the urge to lean in and kiss him or to tell him how much she loved him. Suddenly her attention was shifted back to Gandalf and to Opaline. The cloud cover was gone and the strange girl was reading the inscription as though she knew the language, Renyarwen moved quickly towards them, Legolas followed.

“Speak friend and enter.” Opaline murmured to herself.

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Episode 59 [02 Oct 2004|02:51am]

Namariarwen could not believe her eyes, she had not even sensed the approach of the strange girl...
and strange she was! Her clothing, her demeanour, her way of speaking all seemed foreign and new fangled to Namariarwen. She was in two minds over the girl at once... the girls face seemed open and good-natured, yet something told Namariarwen that there was much undiscovered mystery and untold secrets about this girl...

Boromir was already on guard, interrogating the girl.
"Who do you think you are? You think you can just sneak up on us and demand to join our quest? Explain yourself!!"

"I can't" said Opaline calmly.. "There are so many things I can't explain about what's happened to me lately, I've basically just stopped trying to explain it... I'm just going with my heart... and my heart has told me I should join your quest... it - and the fiery magical stone"

"The WHAT?" Aragorn raised and eyebrow...

"Never mind" smiled Opaline to herself

"There is something ill afoot" Namariarwen whispered urgently to Renyarwen... 'I cannot read this girl, and here she has been sent to us, how convenient... with no explanation, and just after I've been attacked by another memory of Heitann'

Renyarwen eyed Opaline suspiciously
"yes sister, I also sense something odd about the girl... her mind is also blocked to me... but it would appear that it is not even by choice of hers... strange things are afoot... but we must presume her innocent until proven otherwise"

"That's a fine attitude to have if you wished to be killed in the night" muttered Delphaen under her breath... her dark eyes eyeing Opaline darkly from underneath her dark hair...

Gandalf alone welcomed Opaline, he alone seemed to sense that her purpose was not malevolent, and perhaps understood that her place within the fellowship had been predestined by powers that were greater than all of them combined to the power of infinity.

The cloud shifted and once again the moon shone down on them brightly, Opaline's vibrant red hair glittering in the starlight.

Mery gasped, his eyes as wide as dinner plates from an expensive restaurant. "Well there's an eye-opener, and no mistake" he blurted out, clearly besotten with the strange girl.

The moonlight also reilluminated the dwarven doors.
Opaline could not believe her eyes as the shinning characters suddenly appeared out of the dark chiseled rockface.

"Now there's an eye-opener and no mistake!" she gasped
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Episode 58 [02 Oct 2004|02:48am]

Episode by Mylla
Namariarwen suddenly felt Renyarwen’s attention shift. She stood, gazing out over the murky, black, still waters of the lake, and taking a few steps forward distractedly. Jeowyn and Delphaen also rose and followed her gaze, but saw nothing.

“Renyarwen, what does your spirit see?” Namariarwen whispered anxiously.

“Someone approaches,” Renyarwen breathed. “I feel a presence, but more than that I cannot divine...”


Opaline shifted her pack wearily and perservered on. It had been far easier than she had expected to glimpse the group she sought; they must be more than a day’s march from the mountain of snow. She could only suppose the stone had shown her the past. Or the future...

Her only worry was catching up with them. But as she rounded a rocky outcrop, she saw the looming cliffs high above her, and beneath them, the small group, vague figures in the dim light, standing and sitting by the bare rock face. Her heart beat wildly with a mixture of fear and excitement over the imminent meeting.

A shout suddenly broke the still air, and the whole group turned her way, those who had been sitting scrambling to their feet. Opaline’s face was flushed, but still she marched towards them. There was no turning back, and she knew she belonged here.

“Halt!” called a commanding male voice from the front of the group. A man was stepping towards her, his hand resting on the hilt of his sword. “Who goes there?”

Opaline strode the last few metres and stopped, facing the group with her head high. She ran her eyes across the faces before her, taking each in. Again she had the sensation of knowing each face well, although she had never met them.

She gave a short gasp as her deep brown eyes locked with the amber eyes of Jéowyn, gazing at her with the same concern as the rest of the company. She knew this lady's face no better than the rest, but she knew suddenly without a doubt that this face had seemed important in her vision through the stone. And Opaline knew in that moment what Faramir's strange and mysterious quest had been.

"State your name," Aragorn commanded again, jerking Opaline out of her reverie.

Opaline turned back to him. "My name is Opaline. I plan to join your group."
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Episode 57 [02 Oct 2004|02:47am]

Gandalf continued to stand before the Dwarven doors, bellowing spell after spell in every tongue Namariarwen had heard upon Middle Earth, but still to no avail...

Renyarwen and Jéowyn were talking together... and Namariarwen had no desire to attempt conversation with the hostile Delphaen, so she sat aside, watching the moonlight shimmering over the dark, sickly, black lake.

...a cloud passed over the moon briefly, plunging the company into darkness. Gandalf cursed angrily under his breath as the markings upon the door once again faded into nothing.
Namariarwen's eyes were drawn to that star that sat upon her finger, her father's ring....

The silmaril glowed brightly upon her slender finger, and for a moment she became lost in it's beauty... staring deeper and deeper into the brilliant silver and gold depths...

The band of mithril and sapphires glittered on her finger... dazzling, almost blinding...
"It's... I... I don't know what to say!!" she stammered, her own sparkling sapphiresque eyes glittering with no less brilliance than the ring upon her finger...

"The ring..." he explained "represents my love for you... it has no beginning, and no end, it just goes on forever..."

Namariarwen took a short intake of breath, almost overcome...

"I tell you now Nari, I had quite a time trying to find a ring that would match your beauty... This is the workmanship of the dwarves of Moria"

"It's beautiful Heitann!" she smiled, drinking in the romance and Heitann's love for her...

"STOP!" hissed an angry voice in her ear

Namariarwen sat up sharp, snapping back to reality with an unpleasant jolt.
Renyarwen's eyes were filled with anger mixed with concern...

'What were you doing?" she whispered angrily...

"I.. I don't know.. I mean I didn't mean to, I... I don't know what's happening to me... why i keep thinking of him..."

"His thought must be bent on you, and as we draw nearer to him, your thoughts in turn, are being drawn towards him. You must fight it Namariarwen... it is dangerous for you, and for the fellowship. You must keep your wits about you!"

"It has been decades since I last saw Heitann, why would he be thinking of me now?" queried Namariarwen, her midnight blue eyes sparkling from the glimmer of her ring...

"The enemy must know of our approach... Saruman is communicating with Sauron through his palantir... this is a very grievous and dangerous turn of events" spake Renyarwen, her voice heavy and full of portent
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Episode 56 [01 Oct 2004|12:06pm]

[ mood | nostalgic ]

Renyarwen, feeling eyes upon her looked to where the men sat huddled in secret council, Aragorn had been staring at Namariarwen, but looked away when he saw that Renyarwen had noticed, she stole a look at Legolas who was watching Jeowyn. Sighing sadly she rose from the group and moved away into the darkness.

"Is it Legolas that troubles you so?" Namariarwen asked as she approached her sister of spirit.

"Indeed it is." Renyarwen said sadly. Namariarwen placed a comforting hand on her shoulder.

I know not how true love can go so wrong." Renyarwen gave her a wry smile.

"There were others that played apart in this sad fate." Renyarwen said unable to stop heself from shedding a single tear.
Namariarwen looked intrigued, she had never heard the full tale of the romance between Legolas and Renyarwen, indeed there were very few that knew it had existed. Even fewer knew that it had gone beyond the night of Elrond's party.

"Speak your mind to me, sister of spirit." Namariarwen said softly. Renyarwen turned to her and began to recount the events of her past.

"The very day we met, we pledged our love to each other, that we would be together for all the ages of this world. After the celebrations for father's party we went to tell he and King Thranduil of our decision." Sadness filled Renyarwen's face. "Father was joyus that we had found happiness with each other, yet King Thranduil was livid, my past being what it was, he wanted his son to have nothing to do with me. He said that it was not for an elf to marry a creature of unknown origins. Father protested but King THranduil would not be swayed, he refused to stay any longer, he dragged Legolas from the room and he and his kin returned to Mirkwood. King Thranduil would allowno further correspondence with Imladris for quite some time."

"Oh Renyarwen!" cried Namriarwen, her heart filling with saddness. "Whatever happened?"

"I would not leave my room, it was as though my grief would over come me, would kill me. Then one night Elladan, Elrohir and Haldir came to me with a plan, they said that it would be impossible for us to see each other, but that they would be able to convey letters between us. Haldir would be able to ride into Mirkwood under the guise of wanting to see his good friend and pass the letters between us."

"A cunning device." commented Namariarwen.

"And so it was, that night I poured my heart and soul out to him and Haldir rode with the letter to Mirkwood, after a time he returned with Legolas' answer. Never will I ever be able to thank him enough for the service that he provided for me in those dark days. As the years passed King Thranduil once again let the elves from Rivendell visit his kingdom, though I was never welcome. More years past and he began to let Legolas leave the kingdom unguarded, it was then that once again Elladan, Elrohir and Haldir came to me with a plan. They said that King Thranduil would let the four of them outside the kingdom walls so that they could hunt and protect the borders. I would travel to Mirkwood in secret and they would bring Legolas to me and leave so that we could be alone. In that time our love blossomed and we were again happy. Many many years past and our love was kept a secret." Renyarwen stopped as her emotions threatened to over come her.

"What happened?" Namariarwen pressed.

"Lord Glorfindel became enamoured of me and Arwen suspecting that there was still a union between Legolas and I proclaimed her love for Legolas." Namariarwen's hand lept to her heart. She had never realised the full extent of Arwen's hatred for her sister of spirit. She had always known that ARwen had been jealous of them, but not to that extent.

"Did she love him?"

"I do not know, she would not come near me and was careful not to do so, thus I would be unable to read her mind. Father came to me with the wonderful news that I was to be married to Lord Glorfindel. In a moment of weakness I told him that I could never love Glorfindel. He asked that I forget my love for Legolas, else I would never be happy, King THranduil would never allow us to marry. I gave him no answer that day instead I went to seek Legolas, but he was not to be found, Thranduil sent him away. ARwen said that she had changed her mind. She was no longer in love with him. Eighty years have passed since I saw him last, long ago he stopped replying to my letters. I now understand why. He stopped loving me." Namariarwen embraced Renyarwen in a sisterly hug.

"We shall put this right." Namariarwen said confidently. "Though I wonder at what may have happen so that he would now feel this way."

***********IN THE PAST*******************************

Legolas wondered the halls of the castle idly, he was wishing that the day would pass fater, for that night Renyarwen would be arriving. He ached to see her again, he long for her touch, the warmth of her lips against his. That day he had decided that he would not return to Mirkwood, he would go with Renyarwen to where ever they would be happy together, he could stand the separation no longer. No longer would he let his father interfer, he loved Renyarwen and they would be together forever!

"Legolas." He turned at the sound of the familiar voice.

"Arwen, I had not expected to see you here, what brings you to Mirkwood?" He asked. A coy smile spread across her lips.

"I have come to take you to your lady love. Haldir could not come this time, so I have taken his place." Legolas looked at her uncertainly.

"Where is Elladan and Elrohir?"

"They are waiting outside the gates, will you not come, she is frantic to see you."

"Of course a will go to her." Arwen led the way and Legolas followed eagerly. They made their way past the gates but Legolas could not see Elladan or Elrohir.

"Arwen I thought that..."

"They're just past that knot of trees." Arwen interupted impatiently. THey past the trees and Legolas still seeing no one looked to her questioningly. Quickly she pulled a sack full of powder from her robes, she threw it to the ground and it exploded into hissing smoke, Legolas' mind went blank, he could not move. "You will forget Renyarwen, you will forget that you ever loved her. Return to the castle." Legolas walked away dazed, his eyes were glazed over.

"He will remember nothing?" A second voice asked coming out of the darkness.

"Nothing of her My Lord Glorfindel." Arwen said evilly.

"And if she tries to make contact with him?"

"I will take care of my brothers and the Lorien elf." She said darkly. "Her letters will never reach him, they will never say a word about her to him. Though they will think otherwise."

"Excellent." said Glorfindel with a twisted look of satisfaction.


Renyarwen moved suddenly she had now sensed what she had been waiting for.

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Episode 55 [30 Sep 2004|08:17pm]

Episode by Jgirl

"Gandalf, didn't you say we were going to go through Moria through some doors? I don't see any doors," whined Pippin as they made their way along the narrow path between the rocks and the lake.

"Dwarf doors are invisible when closed," explained Gimli, pride in his voice.

"Yes, Gimli," agreed Gandalf, "even their own masters cannot find them, if their secrets are forgotten!"

"Why doesn't that surprise me?" murmured Legolas, in a low enough voice that he was ignored by all.

No-one else spoke much as they filed along the banks of the evil-looking pool. A mile southwards along the shore they came upon some holly trees, larger than any of the holly trees that Jeowyn had ever seen or imagined. Their great roots spread from the wall to the water.

Gandalf turned to the others. "While I am searching to open the mysterious invisible dwarf doors of Moria, will you make ready to enter the mine? For it is here that I fear we must bid farewell to our beast of burden. You must lay aside the heavy winter clothing you have brought; it will not be needed in the mine nor, I hope, when we emerge at the other side and make our way south. Instead, you must each carry a share of what the pony carried, particularly the water-skins and food."

"But you can't leave poor Bill alone in this forsaken place, Mr. Gandalf!" cried Sam. "I won't have it, and that's flat. After he has come so far and all!"

"I am sorry," said Gandalf stonily, "But when the doors open I do not think you will be able to even drag Bill inside. You must choose between Bill and your master."

Jeowyn's heart smote her as she realised the terrible choice the little hobbit must make. For she alone perhaps realised fully Sam's tender heart and fondness for animals, and she alone perhaps shared in his abject misery at the loss of his faithful pony.

"You can't leave him here," Sam continued. "It would be nothing short of murder to leave him here with all these wolves about!"

Jeowyn, without quite knowing how, had made her way over to Sam and was now standing on the other side of Bill, one slender hand resting on his neck. Bill turned his head and nuzzled her, as if aware that his fate was being decided.

"Gandalf," said Jeowyn, very gently, "Bill has been as faithful a member of this Fellowship as anyone else. Surely Samwise has a point. You must not abandon him to the dark and the wolves."

"I do not intend that," said Gandalf, slightly crankily, seeing that those who agreed with his harsh decree evidently did so silently. Nonetheless there was no anger in his demeanour as he laid one gnarled hand on the pony's brown head and murmured a few words under his breath. He was not blinking, and therefore he was evidently casting some sort of spell. Finally he took his hand away and sighed.

"There, Samwise," he said apologetically. "Now your Bill has as much chance of getting home as we do, if not better."

Sam made no reply. He seemed on the verge of tears. But quietly and obediently, Jeowyn began to remove the packs that were tied to the pony's back. She wished to save Sam from such a heartwrenching task.

The others began to divide that which the pony had bore amongst themselves. That done, they turned to Gandalf, but Gandalf had evidently done nothing. He stood staring intently at a slab of bare rock.

"Well, and how do these magical Dwarf doors reappear?" said Boromir, with a touch of impatient sarcasm in his voice. Jeowyn turned to him, and it seemed to her that he seemed rather haggard.

"Look!" said Gandalf, ignoring Boromir's tone. "Do you see anything now?"

And lo! On the rockface now appeared emblems of High Elves and of Dwarves; and the design was such that all knew instinctively that these were the much sought after doors of Moria.

"There is Elvish written upon the door," said Jeowyn, with a slight glance at the Elvish she also bore on her own body. "What does it say?"

Gandalf began to speak, but before he could, Namariarwen, who had been especially quiet, spoke up with "It says, The Doors of Durin, Lord of Moria. Speak, friend, and enter."

"I feel sure that there is something significant in those words," said Renyarwen in an equally quiet voice. "My heart tells me so."

"I do not think so," said Gandalf grumpily. "It merely tells us the name of the doors, and that one may enter them!"

"Do you know how to open them, Gandalf?" said Pippin, saucer-eyed at all this mysterious happenings.

"No!" Gandalf snapped. "That is, I once knew all the spells in the tongues of Men, Elves, Orcs and Angels, but I have forgotten much, and must search for the opening verse. Give me leave a moment!"

This depressing decree seemed to deflate the members of the fellowship. Aragorn made a movement of quiet impatience. Delphaen rolled her eyes. Boromir sighed and sat down on a nearby boulder, a little stiffly.

"Do not let Bill go yet, Sam!" he said. "We may need him yet, if we are to spend untold time here!"

"Jeowyn," said Delphaen suddenly, "I would speak with you alone if I could."

"Of course," said Jeowyn after some hesitation, and she left Boromir and went some distance away to speak with Delphaen, just as Gandalf raised his arms and bellowed "ANNON EDHELLEN, EDRO HI HIAMMEN!"

As she made her way through the crowd and over to Delphaen, Jeowyn barely turned her fair head to see how this spell of Gandalf's had fared. As it were, it fared him none. Nothing happened.

"Well, what is it?" Jeowyn said pleasantly as Delphaen drew her aside.

"But this," said Delphaen, casting a glance in Boromir's direction. "Is Boromir quite well? He has not complained, but he-"

"Why need you ask?" said Jeowyn, again trying to speak cautiously, but with a slight sharpness in her tone. "Boromir is hardy and resilient, and I am faithfully shadowing him. If he is not quite well, I shall know and take care of it."

"Don't be angry," said Delphaen, but in an impatient tone herself. "I do not mean to criticise your vigilance. Though that troubles me also."

"I cannot see how it is your business," Jeowyn snapped. "You have spoken of this before, and I see that it has little purpose, but to wound me directly."

"Why would I wish to wound you?" said Delphaen blankly.

"Because I have not given you answer as to whether I will help you?" suggested Jeowyn defensively. "Do not talk of this with me. I still do not know."

In the background, Gandalf was spouting Elvish at a rate of knots, and none of it was doing any apparent good.

"What is truth?" continued Jeowyn ambiguously, but she seemed in no mood to argue any further. She sat down and touched her fair face with her slender white hands.

"You speak wisely," said Delphaen, "but truth may be seen in many different guises. I will not trouble you any more..."

Unbeknownst to her, Renyarwen had stolen up behind her and was listening with a troubled face. "Jeowyn," she said, "I know your concern lies with your beloved, but are YOU quite well? You are very pale."

"Am I?" said Jeowyn quickly, covering her cheeks with her hands.

"I know what it is you suffer for," said Namariarwen, coming over to join them. "And I feel your pain, Jeowyn of Gondor."

As Gandalf began to become frustrated with his task, Aragorn took his mind away from the issue in approaching Boromir, who remained where he had sat down from the first.

"Holding up?" he said in a typically masculine understated fashion.

"Yes," said Boromir, though he flinched as he shifted position. "I daresay I can last a good while yet, though I am beginning to see that perhaps it had been better to allow Jeowyn to heal me after her own fashion from the beginning." He looked across at the maidens grouped together, resplendent and fair with bright gowns and flowing hair and bright eyes, and smiled a little. "And what is that, I wonder?"

Aragorn looked. "Do they not make a pleasant sight for sore eyes? So fair!"

Boromir would not offer his opinion on this subject.

"I have not seen such a maiden as Jeowyn," said Aragorn delicately, eyeing how Boromir was taking this, out of the corner of his eye. "So fair, and yet so hardy and fearless!"

"She is not fearless," Boromir corrected him, "though she is certainly very hardy."

"And fair?" tried Aragorn.

"I cannot tell you if she is fair, any more than I could tell you if my brother Faramir is handsome," said Boromir at last. "I am too near it... I see Jeowyn, every day."

"I should not object to that!" said Legolas, who had overheard the greater part of Boromir's last remark. "For she is certainly a rare and radiant jewel, though there is something I do not understand about her. Mortal woman she is, though I sense something Elvish about her." He flushed a little. "Though... of course... I am..."

Aragorn smiled. "We know who holds your heart, Legolas of the Woodland Realm. She is spectacular."

All three looked at the group of maidens without being able to help it; Renyarwen had drawn Jeowyn into a comforting, sisterly embrace. Her dress gleamed in the moonlight, and she had never looked more beautiful than at that moment.

"She is," said Legolas, sighing ecstatically. "Such a woman of grace, gentleness, beauty and spiritual gift of the Holy Valar I have not before seen, in all my long years on this earth. She would make the Morning Star sing for joy. But what say you of your own heart, Aragorn? For the lady Namariarwen is like a beautiful flower of the field."

"She is that," said Aragorn, though his expression looked more troubled than pleased. "And it is well if I should love her, since I have lost the one I have loved before. But..."

He could say no more.

"I understand," said Boromir, simply and quietly.

Aragorn gazed upon the Lady Namariarwen, and his heart smote him. He did not understand why.
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Episode 54 [30 Sep 2004|08:04pm]

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They made their way further along the walls in the direction of the gates. Renyarwen was careful not to set foot in the water something evil lay in wait there and she was not the only one to sense it. Namariarwen and Legolas also had misgivings in getting too close to the water. Renyarwen kept her eyes upon Legolas, her heart grieving that he no longer loved her.

*************FLASHBACK**************************** **

Renyarwen lay in a shaft of sunlight in one of the gardens of Rivendell. She was stretched out on a patch of grass, idly making flowers grow out of the ground and then bloom.

"Lady Renyarwen." FIgwit called as he rushed towards her. "Your father bids that you come straight away." Renyarwen rose gracefully from the ground.

"What is it that he wishes?" She asked in her melodic voice.

"The parties from Mirkwood and Lothlorien will be arriving shortly, he wishes you to be there."

"Very well." She said smiling, they left the gardens and moved towards the entrance of Rivendell where ELrond was standing in wait with Celebrian, Elladan, Elrohir and Arwen by his side. A group of elves were also gather, watching on with interest. Renyarwen took her place beside Elrond. The murmuring in the crowd subsided as two groups of elves rode through the gates. They all dismounted their horses and moved towards Elrond. Elrond moved down the steps towards the LAdy Galadriel and Lord Celeborn.

"Too long has it been since we last met." Galadriel said. "I look forward to sharing in the festivities." SHe embraced Celebrian and moved aside with the rest of the Lorien party.

"Glad that we could come Elrond." Thranduil said as he shook Elrond's hand. Though they were all there to celebrate Elrond's birthday none could keep their eyes from Renyarwen. None of the Mirkwood elves had seen her before and of the Lorien elves present only Galadriel, Celeborn and Haldir had met her. The groups began disassembeling and Renyarwen became very aware of a blonde elf who was with the party from Mirkwood.

"WHo is he." Renyarwen asked Elladan who had been watching her with interest.

"That is Prince Legolas, son of Thranduil." Elladan answered smirking. "Surely it is not he who will be taming your wild heart."

"That is not your concern." Renyarwen answered curtly. Elladan feigned hurt.

"I think that it is long overdue that you showed interest in another elf." Elladan stopped as Celeborn approached them.

"Lord Celeborn." REnyarwen said warmly as they greeted each other in the elvish way. "Long has it been since we last spoke."

"Indeed." Celeborn agreed. "Have you found happiness here at Rivendell?"

"I am happy here, yet I do not think I shall ever be truly happy until I find out where I have come from. For more than two thousand years have I walked this earth and I have no memory save that day that you found me."

"Renyarwen, I would very much like to give you the answers which you seek, but I cannot." He threw a look to Galadriel and Elrond that did not go unmissed by Renyarwen. "None here can tell you how you came to be."

"I know. It's very silly of me really. . ." Renyarwen stopped as she once again caught the sight of Legolas' form. Celeborn smiled.

"Thranduil's son is a very fine elf, I have heard many good things about him." Renyarwen smiled and her cheeks turned a slight shade of red. Celeborn and Renyarwen contiuned talking for a time, they talked of the times Renyarwen had spent in Lorien.

"Renyarwen." She turned to Elrond. "I would like to introduce you to King Thranduil and Prince Legolas." Instantly Renyarwen and Legolas' eyes locked, time stood still and it was as though they could see into each others souls.

"I'm very glad to meet you both." She said not taking her eyes off Legolas. Celeborn and Elrond shared a look and the two elf lords and the elf king moved away.

"Lady Renyarwen, you are so beautiful, never before have I looked upon a maiden as beautiful." Renyarwen smiled.

"You are very kind to say so." Legolas smiled and they became lost in each others eyes. Figwit approached them and cleared his throat very loudly.

"The feast is about to begin."

"Thankyou Figwit." Renyarwen said as they all moved inside to the great dinning hall. Renyarwen took her place between Elrohir and Haldir, Legolas sat directly across from her.

"It is very good to see you again Renyarwen." Haldir said. Renyarwen was watching Legolas and had barely heard a word Haldir had said.

"Hmmmm, oh, why yes, it is good to see you again Haldir. Have you been well?"

"Very." Haldir answered a little troubled by Renyarwen's distracted attitude. "Does something trouble you?"

"Oh no, not at all Haldir. Forgive me, you must think me terrible."

"There is no need to apologise, I could never think you terrible." He said. Legolas began speaking with Elladan, Renyarwen turned her attention to Haldir. "Are you liking here at Rivendell?"

"Very much so. Elladan and Elrohir have become brothers to me and Elrond like Celeborn has taken me in as his daughter. Celebrian has loved me like a daughter." Renyarwen answered smiling fondly.

"Would you consider returning to Lorien?" He asked.

"I think that I should remain here for a time, even though I miss Lorien greatly." Haldir smiled.

"Then you should return for a time if only to visit." Renyarwen looked back to Legolas.

"I think that I should like to visit Mirkwood first." Haldir followed her gaze and saw who it was that had held Renyarwen's attention.

"Perhaps it is better that you go there then." He said dejectedly.

"Haldir, have I said something to offend you?" Renyarwen asked confused. She had loved Haldir but no more then the love you give to a friend.

"It matters not." He said. Renyarwen searched his mind. A small 'o' formed on her perfect ruby lips.

"Haldir, I did not know. How horrible I feel. Please forgive me."

"I have been foolish, it is no fault of yours."

"YOu have not been foolish."

"Yes I have. It was stupid of me to think that someone like you could ever fall in love with me." He turned away from her.

"Please Haldir, you are my closest friend, I do not want to be the one that hurts you so. I believe that you will find happiness, I am sorry that it cannot be with me." Renyarwen knew not what to say or do.

"It is fine." Haldir said. He would not look at her. She turned to Elrohir.

"Elladan got over it." Renyarwen looked to the floor. Elladan had loved her too, yet she had not loved him. It was very hard for her to break so many hearts. She wished that it wouldn't happen, it was her beauty that cursed her so. The feast ended and the elves began moving away Renyarwen and Legolas instantly moved towards each other.

"Legolas, will you walk with me?" Renyarwen asked.

"CErtainly, nothing would give me more pleasure." He took her arm and they began walking through the gardens of Rivendell. "Something troubles you my lady."

"Yes, it grieves me that I have delivered heart breaking news to Haldir." Renyarwen said sadly. "I have told Haldir that I do not love him."

"That would break any elf's heart." Legolas agreed.

"I know." Renyarwen said frustratedly.

"IS there anyone that you do love?" Legolas asked bodly. Renyarwen blushed.

"Yes there is." She said quietly. They looked into each other's eyes. Renyarwen suddenly felt Legolas' presence within her mind, her eyes widened in shock, as did his.

"This has never happened to me before." Legolas said shakily.

"It is a sign." said Renyarwen. Legolas took her hands in his. "I would rather spend all eternity with you, than wonder all the ages of this world alone."

"I cannot bare to be separated from you ever again."

"Then let us never be separated." REnyarwen said as their lips drew ever closer to each other. They kissed passionately.

****************8END FLASHBACK**********************

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Episode 53 [30 Sep 2004|01:40am]

The going was tough. Many of the party were still injured from the punishing time on Caradhras and the warg attack the night before, so the going was slow over the rough and uneven terrain that led towards Moria.

Only Gimli the dwarf seemed to be in good spirits, as he had been since the decision to make the trek through Moria.

Namariarwen's heart and mind had not been quite the same since Caradhras. She was angry with herself because of her flashback. Although part of her knew that she really couldn't control what she saw when she was unconscious, another part of her was angrily demanding to know WHY it had been Heitann, why not Aragorn, or a happy memory from Rivendell or Lorien or ANYTHING that didn't involve Heitann...

"Stop it!" snapped Renyarwen suddenly.
Namariarwen looked over to her in shock.

"Stop blaming yourself Namariarwen, it's obvious that you didn't go there by choice, and dwelling on him thus will only strengthen whatever ill force that is at work here."

Namariarwen nodded slowly and tried to think about the grey rocks, the dirt that seemed to be working itself into her skin, under her nails...
Renyarwen still managed to keep that perfect, morning fresh look that she always had, but Namariarwen had no such powers. Though nothing could damage her shining golden silver hair, her overall appearance was somewhat worse for wear since they had first set out.
However deep in her heart she knew they were slowly approaching Lorien, her second home, and that thought filled her with joy.

And there was Aragorn. Since her fall on Caradhras, he had kept a closer eye on her, and now he would turn back to her, hold her hand as she clambered over the rough and broken terrain.

At last that evening, they had reached their destination...

"Behold!" gasped Gimli, his eyes filled with shining wonderment, "The Walls... of Moria!!"

Jéowyn was somewhat underwhelmed. The walls seemed more like a roughly hewn cliff-face than any feat of the fabled Dwarvish workmanship.

A stagnant lake stretched out between them and the walls, so the company had to pick their way around the edge of the lake.
Namariarwen had an ill feeling about the lake...The water smelt foul, and when some of it touched her skin after Pipin fell into the lake, she felt a strange throb in the very core of her soul. She knew that there was something evil in the water, a power, dark and ancient, that wished them only malice...
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