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Episode 68

Namariarwen was struggling... her body ached from the running, and now her mind was filled with fire, and shadow... a mental onslaught..... a gentle glow broke upon her maidenly brow and she drew in a ragged breath. Sirius, who stood by her, turned sharply.
"What is it Namariarwen?" he asked, his voice choked by this nameless fear
But Namariarwen answered not, nor did she even hear his question, for her mind was so clouded by the enemy's spell.
Gandalf had also broken into a sweat, his brow deeply furrowed, and Renyarwen's gaze was not broken by flash of eyelids or the slightest tremor of her eyes....
But still neither of them spoke.
At last it was Legolas, whose heart had been smote the moment the orcs had departed in such fear, spoke up, speaking almost to himself he said in his smooth melodic voice "A Balrog is come... Glorfindel's Bane... vile servant of Morgoth...."
And then it was as thought these words did finally pierce that cloud that had held the seers of the company in such dismay.... and Legolas turned to them again, but this time there was an urgent panic in his voice as he cried
"AI AI!!!! A BALROG IS COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

DOOM!!! beat the drums, still pounding as though some creature had turned the walls of Moria itself into a giant instrument
DOOM! DOOM! they pounded... sounding out the fate of the fellowship as Gandalf turned to them 'THis foe is beyond all of you... RUN!"

And thus did the fellowship fly... ever and again did one of the look back and see naught but shadow in the distance, but the shrieking and hooting of the orcs had once again begun, and so the fellowship ran as best they could.

Namariarwen drew upon every ounce of strength left in her lithe body and she pushed forward through all barriers of pain.
Gimli led the way through darkness until they reached a great hall split by a great fissure in the ground through which a fire glowed.

"Quickly" cried Gandalf, pulling Aragorn aside "You must lead the company... make for the bridge!"
"I will not let you stand alone Gandalf" he insisted, his noble heart being torn in two.
But Gandalf heartlessly thrust Aragorn from him, Aragorn cast him a hurt, and frankly annoyed look, that the wizard would thus manhandle the future king of Gondor and Arnor... but made nothing of it and instead quickly ushered along the hobbits, making sure they stayed with the company.

Suddenly Namariarwen and Renyarwen felt as one a blinding pain, and knew that their enemy was among them...
The Balrog lept effortlessly over the fissure, and the flames lept up to greet it, clothing it in fire and igniting its mane, sword and flaming whip. The creature was man-like, almost, or maybe bull-like, with wings of shadow that stretched out and filled the hall.
At times these wings seemed to disappear almost completely and one would swear that indeed the Balrog had NO wings, but at other times they would become tangible and beat about wildly.

The orcs were now swelling about in its wake, loosing arrows at the company left, right and centre and shrieking with glee.

Suddenly Boromir took up his horn and blew it.... the call sang out and resonated through the cavern, and the orcs heard it and they were terrified by its harsh note... the clamouring echoes akin to an army of garbage trucks.

Then did the Balrog spread out its not-wings and the echoes fell dead like flies in an insecticide commercial.
Jéowyn was ushering the others over the bridge, and she was followed by Boromir, Gandalf brought up the rear, and he was eventually, the only one left standing on the perilously thin bridge.

THe Balrog stepped forward, its body almost intangible as it was wreathed in fire and a deep smoky shadow.
"You cannot pass" cried Gandalf, his body, which had seemed so imposing to the hobbits now seemed no more than that of a shriveled old man before the power of the beast.

The balrog laughed with its harsh, almost soundless voice. To those around, it sounded more like a blast of flame.

But still Gandalf stood firm.

"You cannot pass!" He told the Balrog again.

The Balrog now walked out onto the bridge... somehow managing to keep its massive form from toppling over the edge of the bridge that even the hobbits had found perilously thin.
It drew itself up to its full height, and its not-wings filled the entire cavern.
"Thou fool" it spake, in a harsh, grating voice, that again sounded like a furnace blast. "Thinkest thou that thou canst stand to the might of a balrog of Melkor?" It laughed, and its fiery whip sang, rendering the air in two.

But still Gandalf did not falter.

"We cannot let him stand alone" cried Namariarwen, and though she was almost blind with the pain in her head, she stumbled forward. Delphaen, Opaline, Renyarwen and Jéowyn all came to follow her, but Delphaen was held back by Aragorn who stood beside her, Opaline by Merry, Renyarwen by Legolas, Jéowyn by Boromir and Namariarwen by Sirius. For all the men were rooted the spot, watching this battle of darkness and light...

"I am a servant of the secret fire, wielder of the flame of Anor. You cannot pass" said Gandalf, a note of triumph in his voice.

The Balrog seemed to falter for a moment, and then brought its flaming red sword down on Gandalf, but there it was met by Glamdring that burned with a white fire that did destroy the weapon of the enemy.
"Dark fire shall not avail you Flame of Udun" he drew himself to his full height. "You CANNOT PASS!!" he cried with his might and then did he bring down his staff and struck the bridge with all his might....
His staff was broken into a hundred pieces, but so was the bridge, and with a cry that fell harshly on the ears of all and sundry, the Balrog did plummet into the gorge.
At this point did Renyarwen break free of the grasp of Legolas who was also under the mental assault of the Balrog, and she ran so swiftly that none could catch her.
THe Balrog, in one last throw, curled its whip around Gandalfs knees, pulling him in to the chasm.... but there was Renyarwen and she clasped onto Gandalfs arms.
"NO!!!" she cried, as she held him with all her strength.

Still yet was Gandalf slipping from her grasp.
"This is how it must be" he said, his eyes filled with some emotion that Renyarwen could not understand.

"Olorin" she whispered, though she knew not from whence that name came.

He looked squarely into her eyes...
"I'm going to get my sword back"

And with that he did loose himself from Renyarwens grasp, and fell down into the black depths.
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