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Episode 66

The orcs closed in around Namariarwen whose slim, (but not anorexic, just you know, thin, like kinda bigger than skinny, but not fat by any stretch of the imagination), beautiful form lay prone on the dirty, cold cave floor.

Aragorn saw her lying there and with a cry went running towards her. Even though Renyarwen had dealt with the first round of orcs with her bizarre flower power, still more crowded round Namariarwen... though it would seem not with the intent to kill her...
Two of the brutes lifted her unconscious body from the ground and began to try and bustle her out of the cave.

"NO!!!" cried Aragorn, deftly slicing through orc after orc like a chef in one of those knife infomercials.
But ALAS, he was thwarted in his attempted rescue by the cavetroll.
THe other hobbits had gone on a murderous rampage after Frodo's death, and were now jumping upon the troll digging thier puny knives into its thick, tough, stiff, warty, rough, dry skin. The poor stupid creature had no idea what was going on and was swatting at the stinging creatures on its burly shoulders, stumbling about the place, and directly into Aragorn's path.

Then from nowhere came Sirius.
He lept down from the crumbling stonework, spun around with a laugh... his handsome face animated and full of life. The orcs knew not what to make of this strange man and his strange weapon. In their moment of indecision he cried "STUNNING SPELL!" and the orcs attempting to steal Namariarwen were frozen in their tracks....
He ran over and clasped her unconscious body to his own... carrying her away from the melee...

There was a twang as Legolas' bow sang once again and suddenly Gordon the cavetroll's screams of rage were muted. Sirius turned around as did the whole company... staring at Gordon, whose head was cruelly pierced by an arrow like a macabre shish kebab.
The rest of the orcs must have died or run away, for the company were now afforded the peace and space to be able to gawk at the troll as it teetered back and forth in its death throes.

Eventually it fell forward, almost crushing Opaline, and throwing the other two hobbits across the room where they landed with a *boing*.

Everyone rushed over to Namariarwen whom Sirius was still cradling in his arms.
Renyarwen placed her hand lightly across Namariarwen's brow and in an instant, her sparkling starlit eyes were open.
"She's alive" gasped Sam with relief...
A slight smile spread across Gandalf's face.
Namariarwen sat up slowly, gingerly touching the back of her head where the rock had hit her.
"We should teach master Frodo to better his throw!" she grimaced. The rest of the company laughed heartily until Pippin piped up... "OH, we forgot... Frodo's dead!"

"NO!" cried Delphaen suddenly, and she ran over to the hobbits lifeless form... No sooner had she touched him then he opened his eyes slightly and coughed.
Delphaen cautiously touched the wound where Frodo had been stabbed, and suddenly looked outraged.
"He's not wounded at all!" she cried... "He was wearing armour beneath his clothes all this time!"

THe rest of the company were furious at Frodo for his outright deception, and Sirius had just muttered something darkly under his breath, when suddenly from the passage way they could hear the shrieking, whooping and general noise of the orcs.

"I do not think that those are whoops of orcs having an orcish birthday party" whispered Pippen solemnly.

Gandalf gave Pipin an exasperated look, then turned the others and whispered harshly "TO THE BRIDGE OF KHAZADDUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
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