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Episode 64

"How can we go any further when we know nothing of this girl?"
hissed Namariarwen furiously, trying to stop the party from moving forward.

Aragorn turned towards her, a hint of annoyance in his face, which made Namariarwen blush shame-facedly.

"I just think it's odd don't you... this girl shows up just before the creature attacks us, accuses Sirius of being a murderer, and then Renyarwen is suddenly attacked by Sauron.." !
She did not mention her flashback to Aragorn.

"We cannot linger" whispered Legolas, still supporting Renyarwen in his strong lithe arms.

"Legolas is right," said Aragorn, "you know well as I that these mines are no longer safe. We must not tarry here, there will be time enough to discuss our histories when we reach the other side."

"But that's four days hence!" pressed Namariarwen, her eyes filled with a strained urgency "We do not know what may happen between now and then."

There was something in her voice that struck ARagorn with a dread that stirred the very core of his soul. Namariarwen also felt that her words held some greater portent that even she knew not.

"Never fear lady," smiled Boromir "We are a party of warriors here..." he looked at the hobbits who grinned amongst each other briefly "... we will hold the evil of these mines at bay"

"Let us hope it will not come to that" muttered Gandalf who did not sound as confident as the Gondorian.

Thus did they begin the trek through Moria. The path was dimly lit by Gandalf's staff and Namariarwen's ring, illuminating the dusty crumbling stonework that was once the glory of Khazaddum, jewel of the dwarvish kingdom.

Renyarwen was still weak, the darkness and gloom of Moria was not aiding her recovery. Gandalf and Aragorn strode ahead wordlessly, and as the party moved in silence Namariarwen felt grateful for the company of Sirius, though this could not be said for the rest of the party, save Renyarwen.

Sirius had not said much since the confrontation by the cave entrance. Namariarwen had not even had time to ask him all the questions that were burning inside her, how he had managed to track them, how he had been able to transform himself...?
She turned her thought to him, hoping to perhaps glean something from his mind, but his thoughts were closed to her. As if he sensed this attempted intrusion into his thoughts, he turned to her and smiled, shaking his head slightly.
Namariarwen was taken aback.! She was shocked both at his strange powers that seemed even stronger than before, and by the powerful reaction his smile had had on her. She felt the warmth rising to her cheeks and she quickly turned her head away, almost colliding into Delphaen who had stopped in front of her.

"What's going on?" asked Pippen, as the rest of the company ground to a halt?

"I... I have no memory of this place" said Gandalf absent-mindedly.
Namariarwen saw Delphaen roll her eyes none-to-subtlely.

The company stood around watching Gandalf, waiting for some sort of sign of his memory stirring. When he sat down and pulled out his pipe they realised they would be there for some time.

The surroundings were not comfortable, and the hobbits were whispering complaints out of sheer boredom, all but Frodo, the ring-bearing hobbit who was sitting alone, staring into the depths of Moria.
Legolas had helped Renyarwen to a smooth rock next to Frodo, who was peering more intently into the darkness...
"Something's down there!" he gasped in horror!

"It's Gollum" said Renyarwen calmly "He's been following us for three days now."

'Who?" asked Frodo, his face filled with confusion?

"Gollum was the creature who had the ring before Bilbo. Bilbo stole the ring from him and now you have the ring. Gollum wants the ring back, so he's following you."

"oh" said Frodo, not really knowing what to make of this information

"Can we kill him?" asked Frodo?

"No." said Renyarwen with no further explanation.!

"oh." said Frodo, his face falling slightly.

"Some people deserve life, and others deserve death. Can you give it to them?" asked Renyarwen?

Frodo was silent!

"Do not be so quick to deal out death and judgement in the future" chimed in Gandalf who had suddenly risen to his feet.

"He's remembered!" Smiled Merrie cheerfully.

"No, the air doesn't smell so foul down this path" he said as he slowly led the way down a curving stairway. "When in doubt Master Meriadoc, always follow your nose"

As the stepped into the hall at the bottom of the staircase, Namariarwen's heart swelled as though surged by a stirring, mournful yet proud melody. The room before them was massive, row upon row of ebony black columns, intricately carved reaching high up to the vaulted ceiling towering above them.
It was infinitely taller than the dwarves would ever have needed a room to be.

"Well there's an eye-opener, and no mistake" gasped Samuelwise.
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