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Episode 63

Delphaen watched on as Legolas aided Renyarwen, the maiden fought courageously on, she kept pace with the others, though Legolas and Sirius were carrying her share of the equipment. Delphaen brifely wondered what kind of strenght it would take to repell the dark lord Sauron from one's mind. She looked at the ground for a time, then her eyes were drawn back toward Legolas and she began to remember another blonde elf, one she had tried to forget a long time ago.

******8888888**FLASHBACK************888888888888** **

Delphaen stumbled across the forrest floor, hopping desparately to come across some friendly handsome stranger who would aid her willingly. She had just battled a group of orcs single handedly, she coming out the victor, but not before being wounded by the blade of an orc, the wound had caused no immediate threat to her life, but now as the days were passing Delphaen began to believe that this scratch would end her life. Finally she could go no further, she could not move, she could not see, she collapsed to the ground breathing shallowly.

Haldir and his group of elves had been scouting the borders of Lothlorien, they were looking for aparty of orcs that were said to be heading towards the golden forrest.

"What's that?" Rumil asked pointing towards a crumpled form on the ground.

"It's a girl!" exclaimed Orophin in surprise. Haldir pushed through them and made his way towards the girl.

"She lives." He said breathlessly taking in the girls breath taking good looks. "I shall take her back to Lorien, where she can be healed."

"Will she live?" Rumil asked cocking his head to the side to get a better look at this girl.

"She has been overcome with a fever and has lost a lot of blood, but with the proper care, she will live." Haldir said as he brushed the hair covering Delphaen's face back. He picked her up in his strong handsome arms and made his way back to the heart of Lorien. During the journey Delphaen did not wake and Haldir became worried that he had not found her soon enough and she would die. However, a day's tavel from the city he heard a voice within his mind that gave him hope.

"Fear not Haldir, gaurdian of Lorien." THe Lady Galadriel's voice filled his mind. "I shall come to you, I know of your plight and I know of this maid." Haldir ran with renewed enthusiasm and before too long he had reached the spot in which Galadriel was waiting for them. He laid the girls body before her, Galadriel inspected her gingerly, then she placed her hand upon the girls brow and said.

"Cuivië." Delphaen's eyes fluttered open, but she was still very weak from the fever. "Haldir you must take care of this maid, for she will play a role of significance in this world." Haldir nodded, not understanding the event to which Galadriel was refering, but then hardly anyone ever did.

"I shall protect her with my life." He said solemly. They walked back to Lorien and Haldir took the girl up to his fleet, offering her some food and drink, she took very little and seemed unwilling to speak. Haldir, however, persisted in getting to know this maiden better.
"At least tell me your name." He said after a time. Delphaen kept her eyes to the floor.

"My name is Lháèdpen." she lied.

"That is one of the most beautiful names I have ever heard. It falls melodically off the tongue just as the name of Renyarwen or Namariarwen does." Haldir said dotingly. Delphaen nodded.

"And you are?" She asked looking at the handsome elf properly, she thought him to be very pretty indeed.

"My name is Haldir." He said his beautiful blue eyes burning into hers. They talked well into the next dawn and as time past their feelings began to deepen for one another. Yet Delphaen held with her the unsettling feeling that she was forgetting about something...or someone.

One night they were out walking amongst the trees gazing dreamily up to the stars.

"Lháèdpen." Haldir said suddenly. She turned to him, her beautiful eyes sparkling in the moonlight. "There is something that I must ask you and I do hope that you can bring yourself to give me an answer of the positive persuasion." Delphaen blinked, she cupped Haldir's face with her hand.

"Of course, my love." She said gently, her eyes not leaving his form.

"I very much would like it, if you were to marry me." He said, his cheeks blushing a slight shade of red.

"However could I say no?" Delphaen said her face alight with happiness. It hide the deep guilt she had for lying to him.

"Come let us away to Lorien where we can spread the good news." Happily they made their way to Lorien and much feasting and partying was had that night.

The next morning Haldir awoke sighing happily, he looked to the spot in which Delphaen usually lay sleeping but she was not there, he looked about all of her belongings were gone, but there was a single note pinned to the door. Haldir jumped out of bead to read it.

I have left and I shan't return

Haldir knew whose hand in which the letter was written, he slid down, greif overcoming him.

Delphaen ran as fast as she could hating herself for what she had done to Haldir and what she had done to her father, for the night before she had remembered that he was still in the prison of Gondor and she remembered her quest. She could not give it up for such a trival matter as love, but she could not bear to tell Haldir that and so she had run, hopping that she would forget him as he would forget her.

********ENd FLasHBAcK*88888888888**********888*******

Delphaen snapped herself back into reality, she looked back to where Legolas and Renyarwen where walking together, the viloet haired beauty had turned to watch Delphaen as she walked. Delphaen knew then that she would chance no lone encounter with Renyarwen as the mysterious maiden already knew far to much and undoubtedly she now knew more.
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