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Episode 61

Namariarwen was aghast, her deep starry eyes narrowed with suspicion...
"You can read elvish?" she queried the strange girl with the flaming red locks that fell luxuriously down her back

"What does it say then?" asked Namariarwen, one eyebrow cocked in disbelief... '.. in elvish...?"

"Pedo mellon a minno" said Opaline calmly looking at the tengwar text, her face an image of tranquil serenity.

As soon as she said "mellon" the Dwarvish doors began to creak and groan heavily...

'What's going on?" gasped Pippinn, a pebble still grasped in his hand from the rock skipping game he and merry had been playing on the sickly, black, oily, dark lake's grimy, slimy, mysterious and evil-looking surface.

"Of COURSE" laughed Gandalf standing up with a hearty chuckle "It was so simple!"

"... and yet it after three hours you still had not worked it out" snarled Delphaen under her breath, suddenly her eyes narrowed as she looked across the lake.

Jéowyn followed her line of sight and saw what it was that had caught her attention...
ripples... fanning out across the surface of the lake, quite unrelated to the stones that the hobbits had recklessly cast into the murky depths...

"Something ill is afoot" hissed Delphaen

"Quick... into the mines!" called Jéowyn to the others, shepherding the hobbits before her.

Renyarwen and Namariarwen hurried before Aragorn and Legolas. Gimli was already well within the mines boasting loudly of the great feast and company they were about to meet.

'Something ill is afoot" muttered Aragorn under his breath... "this mine is rank with the stench of decaying flesh..."

Namariarwens ring glowed brightly on her finger. SHe held it aloft, illuminating the cave... illuminating the skeletons that littered the ground about them.

Jéowyn took a sharp intake of breath as she saw the carnage about them.
"This isn't a mine," hissed Boromir "It's a TOMB!!!"

Gimli was lost for words, running about and wailing like a madman

Legolas grabbed one of the arrows from one of the dessicated corpses. It's make and colour were distinctively orcish.
"Goblins" he hissed, and within an instant he and Renyarwen had arrows fitted to their bowstrings, their keen eyes searching the black depths.

Opaline's pale opaline eyes grew wide with fear "I found a group of those orcs in a cave just further up the mountains" she gasped

Boromir's brows was furrowed with concern and resolve. "We make for the Gap of Rohan."
This time no one was keen to argue with him, but as they turned to leave they heard a shriek of fear from Frodo.
The company spun around to see him being dragged into the lake by a slimy tentacle.

"FRODO!!!" cried Sam in horror and at once all the company had their weapons drawn in an attempt to rescue the small blue-eyed hobbit, but the creature beneath the depths had more tentacles than they had fellowship members, and as they hacked one tentacle off, another would appear from beneath the slick oily depths.

"Legolas!" yelled Gandalf "Take out its eye!!"

Legolas armed his bow, but before he could move, Delphaen had lept from the shadows, her hood thrown back, and her bow sung.. the arrow ringing true and hitting the creature square in the eye.
It writhed and screamed, dropping Frodo from high in the air... just as it looked like he was about to hit an outlying rockface, a massive shadow lept through the air, catching Frodo midair and running into the cave.

Aragorn quickly shepherded everyone else into the cave not a moment too soon... the creature thrashing about in its pain and anger destroyed the entrance to the cave.

"What was that thing?" asked Pippin edging towards the creature that had saved Frodo's life.

Namariarwen raised her ring aloft and as the golden silver light filled the cavern they saw an enormous black, shaggy dog before them, with an unconscious Frodo between it's paws.

'What is this creature???" gasped Legolas, his eyes dilated with shock

Namariarwen could not believe her eyes as the dog began to transform before her very eyes... transform into...
"Sirius???" she gasped, her eyes wide with surprise and disbelief

The entire company were completely lost for words and stood for a moment, simply staring at the handsome man in their midst, all except Opaline...
Opaline, who's eyes were wide with horror and fear as she opened her mouth wordlessly, and then finally managed to cry out in terror...
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