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Episode 58

Episode by Mylla
Namariarwen suddenly felt Renyarwen’s attention shift. She stood, gazing out over the murky, black, still waters of the lake, and taking a few steps forward distractedly. Jeowyn and Delphaen also rose and followed her gaze, but saw nothing.

“Renyarwen, what does your spirit see?” Namariarwen whispered anxiously.

“Someone approaches,” Renyarwen breathed. “I feel a presence, but more than that I cannot divine...”


Opaline shifted her pack wearily and perservered on. It had been far easier than she had expected to glimpse the group she sought; they must be more than a day’s march from the mountain of snow. She could only suppose the stone had shown her the past. Or the future...

Her only worry was catching up with them. But as she rounded a rocky outcrop, she saw the looming cliffs high above her, and beneath them, the small group, vague figures in the dim light, standing and sitting by the bare rock face. Her heart beat wildly with a mixture of fear and excitement over the imminent meeting.

A shout suddenly broke the still air, and the whole group turned her way, those who had been sitting scrambling to their feet. Opaline’s face was flushed, but still she marched towards them. There was no turning back, and she knew she belonged here.

“Halt!” called a commanding male voice from the front of the group. A man was stepping towards her, his hand resting on the hilt of his sword. “Who goes there?”

Opaline strode the last few metres and stopped, facing the group with her head high. She ran her eyes across the faces before her, taking each in. Again she had the sensation of knowing each face well, although she had never met them.

She gave a short gasp as her deep brown eyes locked with the amber eyes of Jéowyn, gazing at her with the same concern as the rest of the company. She knew this lady's face no better than the rest, but she knew suddenly without a doubt that this face had seemed important in her vision through the stone. And Opaline knew in that moment what Faramir's strange and mysterious quest had been.

"State your name," Aragorn commanded again, jerking Opaline out of her reverie.

Opaline turned back to him. "My name is Opaline. I plan to join your group."
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