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Episode 53

The going was tough. Many of the party were still injured from the punishing time on Caradhras and the warg attack the night before, so the going was slow over the rough and uneven terrain that led towards Moria.

Only Gimli the dwarf seemed to be in good spirits, as he had been since the decision to make the trek through Moria.

Namariarwen's heart and mind had not been quite the same since Caradhras. She was angry with herself because of her flashback. Although part of her knew that she really couldn't control what she saw when she was unconscious, another part of her was angrily demanding to know WHY it had been Heitann, why not Aragorn, or a happy memory from Rivendell or Lorien or ANYTHING that didn't involve Heitann...

"Stop it!" snapped Renyarwen suddenly.
Namariarwen looked over to her in shock.

"Stop blaming yourself Namariarwen, it's obvious that you didn't go there by choice, and dwelling on him thus will only strengthen whatever ill force that is at work here."

Namariarwen nodded slowly and tried to think about the grey rocks, the dirt that seemed to be working itself into her skin, under her nails...
Renyarwen still managed to keep that perfect, morning fresh look that she always had, but Namariarwen had no such powers. Though nothing could damage her shining golden silver hair, her overall appearance was somewhat worse for wear since they had first set out.
However deep in her heart she knew they were slowly approaching Lorien, her second home, and that thought filled her with joy.

And there was Aragorn. Since her fall on Caradhras, he had kept a closer eye on her, and now he would turn back to her, hold her hand as she clambered over the rough and broken terrain.

At last that evening, they had reached their destination...

"Behold!" gasped Gimli, his eyes filled with shining wonderment, "The Walls... of Moria!!"

Jéowyn was somewhat underwhelmed. The walls seemed more like a roughly hewn cliff-face than any feat of the fabled Dwarvish workmanship.

A stagnant lake stretched out between them and the walls, so the company had to pick their way around the edge of the lake.
Namariarwen had an ill feeling about the lake...The water smelt foul, and when some of it touched her skin after Pipin fell into the lake, she felt a strange throb in the very core of her soul. She knew that there was something evil in the water, a power, dark and ancient, that wished them only malice...
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